Saturday, 26 February 2011

Review:, are your number one destination for screen printing your personalised  T shirts, hooded tops, sweatshirts and workwear.

I was very thankful when they offered me one of their T Shirts to test and review.
When it came that morning in the post, I opened it and thought it was quite big for me so I asked Andrew if he fancied testing it for the review.

It was a medium T Shirt and fitted Andrew perfect unlike some TShirts that are a little short in length which annoys him because lately he has started to try clothes before he buys.
Andrew felt very comfortable in this TShirt, it wasn't too tight nor was it light.

T Shirt was made from 90% cotton and 10% polyester, the material didn't look cheap and nor did it feel it.

The mascot monkey on the front of the TShirt was printed really well, which is what you would expect.

The instructions for washing were, machine wash warm, inside out, with like colours. 
Andrew followed the instructions and the TShirt came out smelling and looking great. There was no problems, it came out looking like it was before he put it in. (Andrew wore the top again once it was dried to see if it went out of shape but was very happy to see it stayed the same, which means he should get plenty wear out of it).

For more information or to buy a product, why not visit them by clicking HERE

Overall, I would highly recommend this company :)

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yesterday morning on the way back from the dentist Andrew asked if I fancied going out somewhere just the 2 of us and we would ask my mother to babysit, so I thought why not hey. We haven't been out together without Alesha for quite sometime, nor has Alesha stayed away overnight.

After decideing we would go to the new Mexican resturant Chiquito in our local town, I rang my mother to ask would she babysit and that wasn't a problem. So now I was all excited thinking of getting dressed up later in the day (you can tell I don't go out much haha).

We booked the table to 6.30pm and arrived 10 minutes early but that wasn't a problem,  we got shown to our table which was on the 2nd floor and the view around us was lovely.
The customer service from the staff was spot on which made us relax and enjoy the evening.

The waiter came to take our order, for starters Andrew ordered, Chipotle Meatballs & I ordered Garlic flatbread 'Tostadas', drinks Andrew ordered San Miguel & I ordered cocktail 'sex on the beach', whilst waiting for the starters to be served we got given a bowl and nacho's and a dip (Andrew tucked right into them but I don't like nacho's).
For our main course Andrew had, Pollo del Fuego 'Fiery Chicken' & I had Spicy Chicken Enchiladas.

Each of the dishes were lovely, none of them lacked in flavour and they tasted fresh.
I found that the quanity was very good, I left quarter of mine as I was stuffed. So therefore we can't say we didn't get enough for our money.

Overall the food and the staff were excellent, I would highly recommend & without a doubt we will be back for more!!!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

WIN BornFree Drinking Cup

This competition is to win a BornFree Drinking Cup and is open to everyone details below:

To be in with a chance to win,

  1. Follow my blog, if you are not already following (leave comment below to let me know)
  2. 'Like' BornFree on Facebook by clicking here ( leave a comment on their page saying, 'Little Family Of 3 blog sent me' )
Competition closes Tuesday 8th March.

All names will go into a hat and a video will be uploaded showing the winner.

Details about the drinking cup

BornFree® Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free plastic, 9oz. (290ml) Drinking Cup combines hard spout and a low vacuum valve. Allows a free flow of liquid and reduce the risk of middle- ear infections. Suitable for 9+ months. Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow (please note, the one we are giving away is yellow as pictured)

BornFree™ BPA-Free baby feeding products are trusted worldwide as the safe and smart choice for informed parents.

Uncompromising in its search for the safest materials and the smartest solutions, BornFree™ has developed a range of baby products guaranteed to be 100% free of Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC. 

Spending Pennies

Yup you never would of guessed it I spent pennies on a lovely boob-tube dress today, I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I only have 4 dresses in my wardrobe as it's VERY rare to catch mummy Moloney in a dress haha.
The dress was a bargain it was only £15.00 so couldn't just leave it there hanging that would be just so cruel.

Think I shall wear it on the 1st April as family coming over from Ireland and celebrating a birthday in Edinburgh.

Andrew also treated himself today by trading in his Xbox 360 for a Nintendo DS and bought a good game called Professor Layton and Pandora's Box. I can picture myself playing that aswel because it seems like an interesting game with puzzles to work my brain.

Makes a change for me & Andrew to treat ourselves as we mostly come back from town with stuff for Alesha.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Nuby Review

I have been a fan of Nuby on Facebook since Alesha was a few weeks old but I had never used any Nuby products.

I was happy when Nuby contacted me for Alesha to test their training cups.
Upon their arrival in the post it didn't take Alesha long to have a great look & play with them, so that was a hit, then it was time for her to test them, the fun began :)

The one she seemed to like after giving a few of them a suck was the Sports Sipper as you can see from the photo.

 This is still a BIG hit today, she uses that during the day for her water.

I wasn't too sure myself if she would manage drinking from it because its a straw but no problems at all.
   This can be purchased from their online store for £2.99, now that is what you call a bargain.

Here is some good useful information about the Sports Sipper:

  • Can be used from 9months- Alesha tested it at 10 months and quickly adapted to it
  • Touch FloTM Technology which activates as soon as your child puts the spout into their mouth- No problem what so ever, as I said above, I didn't think she would be able to use it but there was no problems at all, she knew what she was doing
  • Soft silicone training straw eases the transition from spout to straw drinking
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development

The next one to write about is the Super Sipper 2 Handle Cup.

She was well able to use it but wasn't to keen on it, but she did love to hold it and walk about with it, it was easy to grip because of the handles. We didn't want this to go to waste so Andrew AKA daddy came up with a brain wave and turned it into a rattle for her to carry about, he done this by adding spaghetti, as you can see from the photo below.

 You can buy 2pack of these cups for only £3.79.

Some good useful information about this cup:

  • Can be used from 6 months onwards
  • For initial cup drinking
  • Touch FloTM Technology which activates as soon as your child puts the spout into their mouth
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development

Sport Sipper

The next one Alesha has tried and tested is Super Sipper Beaker.

This one looked quite similar to a bottle so it didn't take her long to pick this one up.  
Alesha found this one very easy to drink from and also easy for her to hold.

This Super Sipper Beaker can be purchased for as little as £4.49 and that's for a 2 pack so even better bargain there.

Some good useful information about this beaker:
  • Can be used from 6 months onwards
  • For initial beaker drinking
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Super SipperTM silicone spout

For more information about Nuby or to purchase products, please visit them on their website by clicking this link

Thursday, 17 February 2011


My little darling has FINALLY got enough hair for mummy to put into a ponytail.
So on the 05/02/2011 I did, I really did tie my daughter's hair up into her first ever cute little ponytail and took her off to Boots to have photographs taken. The company that took them can be found at the following link, they were brilliant and so patient with a little wriggly girl.
Alesha must of  thought, 'mum what have you done to me' haha. She did try and pull the band out for the first few minutes but then after all the compliments she decided to leave it in :D

I was over the moon to go and pick the photos up with my fiancĂ© Andrew and our darling daughter Alesha. We will always remember that was her first day to have her hair tied up.