Thursday, 24 February 2011


Yesterday morning on the way back from the dentist Andrew asked if I fancied going out somewhere just the 2 of us and we would ask my mother to babysit, so I thought why not hey. We haven't been out together without Alesha for quite sometime, nor has Alesha stayed away overnight.

After decideing we would go to the new Mexican resturant Chiquito in our local town, I rang my mother to ask would she babysit and that wasn't a problem. So now I was all excited thinking of getting dressed up later in the day (you can tell I don't go out much haha).

We booked the table to 6.30pm and arrived 10 minutes early but that wasn't a problem,  we got shown to our table which was on the 2nd floor and the view around us was lovely.
The customer service from the staff was spot on which made us relax and enjoy the evening.

The waiter came to take our order, for starters Andrew ordered, Chipotle Meatballs & I ordered Garlic flatbread 'Tostadas', drinks Andrew ordered San Miguel & I ordered cocktail 'sex on the beach', whilst waiting for the starters to be served we got given a bowl and nacho's and a dip (Andrew tucked right into them but I don't like nacho's).
For our main course Andrew had, Pollo del Fuego 'Fiery Chicken' & I had Spicy Chicken Enchiladas.

Each of the dishes were lovely, none of them lacked in flavour and they tasted fresh.
I found that the quanity was very good, I left quarter of mine as I was stuffed. So therefore we can't say we didn't get enough for our money.

Overall the food and the staff were excellent, I would highly recommend & without a doubt we will be back for more!!!


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  3. wow! babysitter and mexican food. sooo jealous ;) love your blogs!