Thursday, 17 February 2011


My little darling has FINALLY got enough hair for mummy to put into a ponytail.
So on the 05/02/2011 I did, I really did tie my daughter's hair up into her first ever cute little ponytail and took her off to Boots to have photographs taken. The company that took them can be found at the following link, they were brilliant and so patient with a little wriggly girl.
Alesha must of  thought, 'mum what have you done to me' haha. She did try and pull the band out for the first few minutes but then after all the compliments she decided to leave it in :D

I was over the moon to go and pick the photos up with my fiancĂ© Andrew and our darling daughter Alesha. We will always remember that was her first day to have her hair tied up.


  1. She looks very pretty!

  2. lovely! We used pixifoto at Christmas and the girl who took our son's photos was also really nice.

  3. Thanks for you comment just now.

    We've also done Pixi Fotos, but as I don't know how to use our scanner, I took photos of the photos, so they look a little funny. You can see the edges.

    Did you scan yours or did they also give you electronic copies?

    Great photos.


  4. I used my camera and took photos of the photos haha.

    They actually turned out ok, I hope you figure out how 2 use your scanner soon :) x

  5. Most beautiful photos. Alesha looks gorgeous in her hat, a little lady, very dignified, bless her.
    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and following (Chez Maximka), much appreciated.

  6. Aww what a great idea! First hair tied up day. I can't remember Elle's now :( x