Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Family Time! - Learning Through Play

Last year I went to Motherwell College to study a course, 'Preparation for Childcare'.
I had to quit the course after only being there 2 months as I had problems with childcare and had to move house.

The 2 month's I spent there studying was great! My brain took in alot each lesson and I was very eager to learn more. One of the lesson's I had was called 'PLAY', it basically taught me that whilst playing with your children which could be singing or counting or even playing with sand, at the same time they are learning. 
Children are fascinated with the feel of sand, wet sand compared to dry sand two totally different textures, so by holding and feeling the sand, whilst playing they are learning.

Children love playing with play-doh as they use their imaginations to make shapes and pretend they are cars or animals, they will mimic and by doing that they are using their cognitive skills.

Upon learning something new each day at college, I would go home and make sure we would spend more time as a family and play together. It's lovely to see Alesha's face happy because her mummy and daddy are sat playing build the blocks or making funny voices with her dolls.

Each milestone in Alesha's life she is developing her physical, emotional and social needs. The first time she walked was a big physical development, when she kicked a ball it was another step in her life were mummy and daddy clapped their hands and said "well done princess".

Each and every day a child is learning no matter what it is they are doing!

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