Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Home Made Draught Excluder's

I wanted a new hobby, something to do in the evening when Alesha went to bed. Was bored of watching television, being on the computer etc so decided to get into sewing. The last time I sewed would of been 6 years ago at school.
I was ever so exited when I went shopping for scissors, needles, pins, threads, fabric, glue and so on. I just couldn't wait to try them out, put my good old skills to test, not that I was much good.
When little miss Alesha went to bed tonight, I got my stuff out and was sat thinking 'what shall I sew'?
Then.... I thought of Andy's PJ bottoms that he had put aside ready to be put in the bin so I decided to use them and an old pillow and make draught excluder's.
Andrew decided he would try make one aswel, so I thought why not we would both have a laugh.

The final results look like this...be prepared to laugh out loud!

This is the one I made, as you can see
I NEVER measured the length of the door.. opps!

Andrew's attempt, long enough but just too bulky!

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  1. well practise makes perfect. I couldn't even sew a hem on a pair of trousers so I'm not judging you lol!