Thursday, 17 March 2011

Irish Eyes

I grew up always celebrating St Patrick's day. When I lived in Ireland I always remembered the great buzz on the 17/03, getting up in the morning and hearing Irish music in the living room. I was for sure wide awake within 5 minutes and clapping, tapping my leg and singing away. Going to the parade's dressed in Irish colours was always lovely. Everyone got the day off work and school so there was never any doubt of not being able to go to the parade.

Then when I moved to Manchester we did the same but it was a little different because the parade was always held on the weekend before St Patrick's day because the children were off school and most people finished for work. On the weekend it was held in Manchester it was like little Ireland with all the Irish gathering together to celebrate their saints day.

My mother moved to Scotland when I was turning 18 and not long after I followed, now I have a 15 month old daughter and a loving fiancĂ© and we don't live in a big city like Glasgow so I haven't been to a parade for a while. I still make sure we wear our country's colours even if were not doing anything.
My fiancĂ©'s parents and brother live just outside Dublin so maybe one wear when Alesha is that bit older we might celebrate St Patrick's day over there just like the good old day.

Here is some photo's of us today, we didn't do much besides some shopping and then home to watch Cheltenham horse racing.

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