Monday, 7 March 2011

Morning in The Park

The sun shining in the windows woke us up this morning not long followed by little miss Alesha.
We all had our breakfast and then I decided we might as-well take a trip to the park as we had nothing planned other than do the tons of washing piling up in the laundry baskets.
The 3 of us had wholemeal toast for breakfast and then was time to get dressed and go out for some lovely fresh morning air.
Alesha is well behaved in her buggy when we are going for walks, as long as she has her beaker of water there will be no moaning, unless she is tired that is!

Here is some snap shots of our morning, I hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as we did taking them!


  1. Ahh gorgeous pictures! Love her mittens, they look huge on her though! he he. Mine all love the park too. x

  2. Yeah they are size 2-3 but there the only pair she will keep on for us. Every kid gotta love the park ay :P x