Friday, 11 March 2011

Review: Heat Holders

I was very pleased when I found out I would be testing and reviewing my first product, Andrew and Alesha have already tested products. 
When my lovely postman gave them to me they were packaged up great so there was noway they would get wet or dirty. 
As soon as I saw them I wanted to put them on right away as they felt and looked so snuggle.

Useful info about Heat Holders
Heat Holders have 3 well known ambassadors they are, TV presenter Emma Jesson, DIY expert Craig Phillips and TV presenter/ sport pundit Graham Bell.

Heat holders state,' Ordinary thermal socks or wearing many pairs of socks will often let you down. To be confident in the cold you need a sock with high insulation. Heat Holders have been tested to achieve a thermal tog rating of 2.34. Our unique 3 stage process using heavy bulk yarn, advanced knitting technology and intense brushing holds more warm air close to the skin, ensuring your feet stay warmer for longer'. With that statement I couldn't wait to put my feet into them.

Simplicity of the product 
The socks were very easy to slip on and they weren't too tight unlike other thick socks as I have a few pairs which I mostly wear when I go skiing.
The softness was unbelievable, it felt like there was a feather of cushions under my feet.They really do keep more heat in than any other socks I have worn.
On the packet it tells you what makes Heat Holders so warm,'extra heavy bulk yarn, long pile cushioning and intense brushing process'. 
The socks were also not too short which is brilliant as it keeps more of your leg warmer. I can't wait to go skiing so I can give these an even better try out.

Here is a handful of places where you can purchase their socks, Bhs, Go Outdoors, Burton, Debenhams, Matalan, Netto, Sports Direct & Tesco.You can also buy them here online from their shop.
They also sell these socks for men and children and in a variety of colours. They are priced at £6.00 a pair.

  • Soft and long
  • Keep the heat in which keeps the feet nice and warm
  • Available for men,ladies and also children
  • More than one colour of the product
  • A little bit expensive for one pair

For more information why not visit their website, Facebook or Twitter


  1. Great review, tfs, I could do with these for the lil uns, wellies are rubbish at keeping them warm, following from bmb

  2. Goodness! £6 a pair? Still, if you're the type of person who is out and about a lot, then maybe. I would have loved a pair when I had horses and was out in all weathers, all year round!

  3. Yeah I agree, if you was the type of person that was out and about quite often and needed good thick warm socks then I am sure they would pay the price, but for someone like me that doesn't really use them often I was slightly shocked at the price.