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Review: Organix's Goodies

It was lovely to find out we would be testing and reviewing some goodies from Organix, we was looking forward to receiving the parcel from our postman pat.

When the box arrived I sat Alesha on my knee as we opened it together and she had a huge smile of excitement on her face, wondering what's inside the box! The photo below shows the goodies the lovely people at Organix us.

Useful info about Organix
Organix are well known for their slogan No Junk Promise, they guarantee that their food is made up of the best quality organic ingredients, with nothing unnecessary added and nothing important taken away.
All their foods are made with organic, tasty and natural ingredients to suit your baby's nutritional needs.
Organix started out in 1992 and since then has they have built a 40-strong team all of whom are passionately committed to their cause - to make delicious , nutritious bay and toddler food available to everyone.

Simplicity of the products (Maize Snacks)
The packets are simple in design but colourful and attractive enough to have the 'wow' factor for a young imagination.
The maize snacks were not too big for Alesha's little hands, she found them easy to hold and their wasn't a problem with her shooving them in her mouth. After she got the taste of the first one it didn't take her long to try and get as many in her hands as she can. These would be very handy when out and about to enjoy as a snack.There is no need to be worried about the salt and fat levels because, these snacks contain a third less salt and fat than in most children's snacks.
A journey in the car enjoying a packet of maize snacks
 Availability (Maize Snacks)
Organix's maize snacks come in 5 different flavours, carrot stix, spicy tomato stars, cheese and herb puffs, spicy tomato noughts & crosses and tomato cheese and herb puffs.
They can be purchased at most supermarkets, shops and online. Asda sell them,for a pack of 4 it costs £1.59, you can find them here. How about Organix's online shop, for a pack of 4 it costs £1.89, you can find them by here.

  • More than one flavour
  • Easy for little hand's to hold
  • Less salt & fat than other crisps
  • Never found any negative's

Simplicity of the products (Squeezy)
Alesha really enjoyed the Mango, Pear & Orange squeezy, to the point where she whinged when she heard me say 'last spoonful'!
Alesha wasn't too sure about squeezing it, she got a fright with the first one as too much came out so we decided to put it into a bowl. I must admit they smelled yummy so I couldn't resit having a spoonful and it tasted as good as it smelt! Each pouch contains 100% organic fruit with absolutely no artificial ingredients
There was no lumps of fruit, just simply smooth like a fruit smoothie.

Availability (Squeezy)
Organix's Squeezy's come in 4 different flavours 1.blueberry, blackberry and pear,pear and banana, pear and orange and lastly the strawberry, banana and pear.
They can be purchased at most supermarkets, shops and online. Here at Tesco you can find them, for a single one it costs 78p, also 
how about Organix's online shop, for a single one it costs 89p, you can find them here.

  • Made from 100% organic fruit
  • They come in a pouch which is easy to close via the cap
  • Ideal for a pack lunch
  • Never found any negative's

Simplicity of the products (Gingerbread Men)
We know as soon as we saw these that they would go down a treat with Alesha as she loves biscuits. 
She was all happy when Andrew took them out of the box and gave her one in each hand, don't think she could wait to get started on them!
She ate the 2 of them no problem, she really enjoyed them, she washed them down with a drink of water and was a happy bunny afterwards. I was really pleased with these because they are made with wholegrain flour and sweetened with grape juice and no nasty sugar to harm her little pegs. 
These didn't break up easy and crumble which would of ment a huge mess, so less cleaning afterwards.

Availability (Gingerbread Men)
These can be purchased from a wide range of shops, supermarkets and online. You can find them in Sainbury's for £1.75, also on Organix's online shop they have them for £1.99. This box contained 15 gingerbread men but how about a gingerbread men tin and that contains 30 (the tin would be great to use afterwards, they do a box which contains 5 packs of mini gingerbread men,now that would be ideal for lunchboxes or to pop in bag when going out.

  • Don't crumble very easy
  • Great price
  • No additives and no sugar
  • Never found any negative's

Simplicity of the products (Banana Date Fruit Bars)
I was happy when I seen we got these to review as she has had the apple date ones before and love them.
The banana date bar certainly did tickle Alesha's taste-buds, I unwrapped it and handed it to her, didn't take long before it was gone and she was moaning for more. It's great to know that she enjoyed these because, they are made from 100% organic fruit and contain no artificial ingredients and no added sugar or concentrates. 
They are a great alternative to sweets and chocolate bars.

Availability (Banana Date Fruit Bars)
These can be purchased from a wide range of shops, supermarkets and online, you can find them on Amazon's website, for 6 boxes that contain 7 fruit bars it costs £13.00 and that's with free postage & package. On Organix's site for 
£1.99 you get a box containing 5 fruit bars.

The fruit bars come in 2 different flavours, you have banana date and apple date.


  • Don't cost much
  • 100% Organic fruit
  • Easy to clean up afterwards
  • Never found any negative's


Simplicity of the products (Cereal Oaty Bars)

A very healthy product, as are the rest of the Organix's range. These contain 100% organic ingredients, the one in the photo that Alesha is enjoying is the apple & orange. They are packed full of healthy wholegrain oats and juicy raisins, so they're a good source of fibre. Alesha really enjoyed these, it was lovely to see her happy face enjoying them. The only problem I found was, they are very messy, a little bite and you have a mess as the oaty bar falls apart easily.

Availability (Cereal Oaty Bars)

These can be purchased from a wide range of shops, supermarkets and online, you can find them on Boots website for a box of 6 
£2.34.On Organix's site for 
£2.25 is also a box containing 6 bars.

The cereal bars come in 5 flavours, apple & orange, coca & raisin, raspberry & apple, blackcurrant and also carrot cake.


  • Choice of more than one flavour
  • Good source of fibre


  • Crumble and cause a mess very easily


Overall Alesha really enjoyed Organix's products and we were really happy with her eating them because they contained no junk. I would highly recommend them and I will for sure be stocking up on their products.

Why not take a look at Organix's website where you will find useful information about the food they do for different stages. You will also find recipes, feeding advice and a meal planner.

Here you will find Organix on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Organix's products are very good quality. I agree with you