Thursday, 28 April 2011

Date Set For Our Wedding!!

I'm so excited, I can't stop smiling as I am writing this, me & my lovely husband-to-be has set a date for 'our' wedding....07th July 2012!!!

We made an appointment for yesterday to go see the priest from our local church. He welcomed us and our darling daughter Alesha into his home to discuss a date for our wedding and answer any questions we had.
One of the questions we asked was if confetti was allowed in the church and the church gardens and some places don't allow it, and he replied "Confetti is not a problem, throw as much as ye can, the more the merrier".
That was nice of him, which made us smile as we both were wanting confetti to be thrown.

Alesha was very well behaved whilst sat on my knees at the dining table, she did try to put her feet on the table a few times (out of all places), she has never done that before, cheeky madam.

Were are now in the process of looking at venue's to hold our wedding reception, ideally a hotel so then me & Andrew can book into the bridal suite for the night.
Andrew is wanting to go away on his honeymoon the next day, that's something that I dread because we have never been away from Alesha for more than a few hours.
I'm such a softy, sometimes I wish I would grow a back bone! Everyone should be expecting tears from me on our wedding day, 'buckets at the ready'!

We have chosen our colour scheme, I choose the colour white and asked Andrew to choose another colour to go with it and he picked red. I was pleased with his taste of red&white because I think red is colour of love, so it will have a meaning, if you know what I mean haha!

We have already ordered our flowergirl dresses for Alesha and my niece Paige.

Now let the shopping and excitement commence! 'WOOHOO'

Igniting Passions ...of Interest!

This 'meme' was created by clever Kerry at Multiple Mummy & I was tagged to take part in it by the lovely Helen over at TheCrazyKitchen.

Kerry came up with the idea for this 'meme' when she got invited for a meal out and was quite nervous because there would be people there she didn't know. They were retired school teachers (an ex Head & OFSTED inspector & a lecturer of Sociology) so she was thinking she wouldn't have much of a conversation as she is a 'stay a home mum' and their totally different roles in life.

After all the worrying Kerry was fine, her nerves eased and the conversation was following like there was no tomorrow.

That's when she started thinking about, her interests, what ignites her passion and here we have another 'meme' for everyone to join in and share their interests in life.'s time for my interests 'hmm'. 
I don't really have many besides running about after Alesha, not really an interest of mine but seems like it's an interest of Alesha's to having mummy chasing her all the time haha!

I do have a few interests;

I haven't been now for a while, going to start going back when Alesha is about 4 years old so she can do the children's ski lessons. 
The first place I went to skiing was in Borovets, Bulgaria. I remember being on the plane thinking 'this holiday is going to be rubbish because it will be so cold' but I was wrong! I enjoyed every minute of it, from skiing to falling to rolling. 
After Bulgaria I went to a few ski resorts here in Scotland which were also good. 
Now because I am writing about this it is bringing back memories and I just want to go skiing!!!


I started hand sewing a few weeks ago, I am half way though making a patchworked blanket from Alesha's babygro's and vest's. Then first thing I made was a door draught, which I never measured or anything, just cut, sewed and stuff, that's why it's not something I would pay for haha.
Andrew bought me a sewing machine the other week at a carboot and I was over the moon, couldn't wait to get it going to make loads of things. Unfortunately the real was worn out, there was nothing left of it so we need to get a new real and then I can get on with the sewing when our little princess goes to bed.

I started blogging in February 2011 and ever since I can't get away from this computer. Any spare few minutes I may have, I'm either checking my Facebook page, Twitter or Blogger.
I have met loads of wonderful blogging mums, it's always nice to have a chat and a laugh with them.

I started going bingo with my mother and older sister and loved the excitement of whether I was going to win or not. Andrew and me enjoy going for an evening out to bingo, (we sound like a lovely old couple) we haven't been for a while as I don't like being away from Alesha.
I have started to play online bingo, but I am not a huge gambler it's just once in a while I might stick a tenner on. 
Still haven't won big money, so fingers crossed!

I am going to tag some other bloggers to carry this 'meme' on,

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

I have alot of 'green' photo's and found it very hard to choose which one I was going to use.

Normally I struggle to find a photo for 'The Gallery' so thanks Tara so an easy peasy topic this week!

Whilst flicking through my photo's I came across this one which was took of Alesha last June, she had not long learnt how to sit up unaided, compared to this summer she is running about everywhere and it's hard to get her to sit down haha!

It was took on our lovely 'green' garden deck chair on our freshly 'green' cut grass in our back garden.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Inside my fridge you will find...

I was tagged in Frankie's 'My Shameful Fridge' post, meme!

I had a little giggle to myself this afternoon thinking, how strange I would look if my neighbours saw me standing taking pictures of the contents inside my fridge and then writing about it online.

It's a meme, I haven't gone loopy 'promise', so here goes;                    
     - 50% light creamy colesaw
     - Dairylea light triangle spreads
     - Behind those is Hibi drink which I recently reviewed
      -Multipack of Muller rice
      -Muller corner yoghurt's
      -Hellmann's light mayo
      -Cauliflower & broccoli
      -Chicken stuffed with haggis
      -Believe it or not light butter
      -2 packets of cheese & onion rolls
      -Orange fizzy pop
      - Packet of chicken meat
      -Half block of cheese
      -2 finger cream doughnuts
      -Tropical fizzy pop
-Underneath them is chocolate bars 
-Bag of onions

-Block of cheese
-Morrison value pickled onions
-Asda smart price mixed jam
-Wholegrain mustard
-Asda smart price cheese singles
-Underneath them is a 1st birthday personalised chocolate bar belonging to Alesha
-Little and big carton's of semi skimmed milk
I am going to tag some fellow mummy bloggers I follow to carry this 'meme' on.
Apologies if you have already done this.

    Saturday, 23 April 2011

    Review: Frugi Organic Clothes

    I love shopping for cute clothes and shoes for Alesha, what woman doesn't? 

    I have numerous of shoes and clothes, keep telling myself that I am going to do a clear out but just dread it!

    Hopefully Alesha doesn't grow up to be shoe mad like me, but with a mother like me, you never know!

    To add to Alesha's collection of clothes and shoes, Frugi sent us a gorgeous dress and zipper hoodie to review.

    Useful info about Frugi
    It all begin in 2004 when Lucy and Kurt had their first baby boy. The soon began to realise that it was a struggle to find baby clothes to fit their son who wore cloth nappies.
    They came up with a brilliant brainwave to make their own baby clothes and sell them to people that were in the same situation as them, and so they did and they named their business Cut4Cloth.

    'With things going so well, Lucy and Kurt decided to extend the range. They started making some organic kids clothes, and after their second son was born Lucy realized how rubbish her nursing clothes were so they introduced some breastfeeding wear too'.

    'At that point the name ‘Cut4Cloth’ no longer seemed to fit the bill. So, in 2008 we had a bit of a facelift, and changed the brand name to Frugi which means ‘fruits of the earth’ in Latin'.

    Frugi are well known for their 100% organic cotton clothes!

    The dress we were sent was the lovely, 'Cornish Blue Daisy Dress' in size 12-18 months which fitted Alesha perfect. I loved the colour's of this dress, they were very eye catching!

    The material very thick, unlike alot of cotton dress she has, even my mother commented on the materiel on both the dress and hoodie.
    There wasn't a problem putting the dress on, once I opened one of the three buttons it went over her head no problem.
    Even after washing this dress twice, it still remained in it's actual shape and colours.

    The gorgeous hoodie we were sent, I can't seem to find the name of it on their website, think they are sold out, that's how good of a hoodie it is!

    'Silly Gilly' (moi) never knew that it was a reversable hoodie, duhhh!
    It actually took my mother to point it out to me, after a few minutes of her seeing it on Alesha.
    I can't be much of a clothes fanatic can I?

    This hoodie's size was 12-18 months and also fitted my little bundle of joy Alesha perfect!
    After washing it, there was no disappointment! It remained just like it was when I received it.

    Frugi caters for children from as little as newborn right upto 8 years old. Their gorgeous clothes can be purchased via their website.


    For more information please visit their website
    You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

    Friday, 22 April 2011

    Rainy Day/ Outdoor Fun: Pic 'N' Pop

    On the 19/12/2010 it was Alesha's 1st Birthday, even though it didn't feel like 12 months had passed by!

    She received loads of gorgeous toys and clothes from our thoughtful friends and family, she also received some money so me and Andrew could go pick her out stuff, as many people find it hard to buy for young babies.

    One of the toys we seen which we really thought she would love was the, Pic 'N' Pop by Tomy so we handed over the pennies and therefore we successfully purchased ANOTHER toy for Alesha.

    Some useful info about Tomy
    Tomy toys has been making children and also their parents happy for over 80 years!
    Tomy are a well-known company and you can always trust them when buying a new toy to develop and entertain children of all ages, or even when buying a nursery product from their wide range of choice, Tomy will never disappoint.
    Alesha with her granddad

    Simplicity of the product(Pic 'N' Pop)
    We choose this toy because it looked like Alesha would get alot of use from it and it would develop her cognitive, physical, language and social skills. 

    Guess what?? The Pic 'N' Pop lived up to what we thought of it, our little princess is only 16 months and she can already count to 4 all by herself, sometimes we might hear the number 5.
    Me, Andrew, friends and family, whoever it was that was playing with the toy with Alesha would count, 1,2,3,4,5 once catching the balls or whilst putting them back in to be shooted out again.

    Alesha hasn't got bored of this toy 'yet'! 

    Now that the sunshine has decided it wants to come out again, we have took the toy out into our large mowed back garden and she has endless fun with it, pressing the handles to shoot the 5 balls out and then she runs around the garden picking them up one by one to put them back in.
    Alesha with her daddy

    The Pic 'N' Pop is just like a hoover because it has wheels to be pushed and pulled everywhere!

    The appearance of this toy is spot on, more than one colour, great for little wondering imaginations.

    'One click of the button launches a colourful ball from the chute, then simply roll over the ball with the popper unit and the ball will be magically picked up, ready for the fun to start again'.

    Most toys now-days you need batteries for, but not this toy!

    Availability (Pic 'N' Pop)
    This brilliant toy can be purchased from a wide range of toy shops, large supermarkets, online stores and not forgetting Tomy's online store, where it can be found for £22.99.

    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Develops cognitive, physical, language and social skills
    • Easy to use
    • Parents can join in and play with their child with this toy
    • Slightly high priced

    Alesha with her mummy

    For more information please visit Tomy's website, they also have a Facebook page which you might like to visit!

    Flashback Friday

    Hop over to Cafebebe to have a look at the other great posts for this meme!

    My Flasback Friday is going to be when I went to Disneyland Paris and Paris City with college. The journey over and back was brilliant as, our tutors and lecturers were up dancing the night away with us all at the disco on the ferry.

    It was brilliant to see them let their hair down and join in with the fun, rather than being strict and sat in a classroom!

    It was a lovely few days, a beautiful place I would love to take Alesha in the future


    Thursday, 21 April 2011

    Review: Dr.Oetker products

    With Easter only been a few days away, I was lucky enough to be sent some Dr.Oetker goodies to review.

    Me and Andrew love baking, Alesha tends to enjoy baking more with daddy, 'daddy's little girl'. We also like to bake when my 6 year old niece Paige is over because she is at that age to understand what's going on!

    Time to put our baking and tasting skills to good use!

    Useful info about Dr.Oetker
    Dr.Oetker have been going a successful 100 years and are family run.
    Not only would you find Dr.Oetker products on the baking aisle but you would also find them in the yoghurt's, desserts and the frozen aisle's.

    'This philosophy of "Quality is the best recipe" has been running through our business since we were founded in 1893 and is a testament to our longevity and success. It is an expression of the superior quality of our products. We are a family business and care about the quality of every product launched that bears our name'.

    How to pronounce Dr.Oetker
    'Unless, you are a native German, it is very likely that even if you are familiar with one of our products that you may be unsure as to how you actually pronounce Dr. Oetker. Oetker is a common surname in Germany, but in the UK and Ireland it is fair to say there are not many Oetkers listed in the local phone directory. 

    It really is quite easy to say  - it is pronounced Dr. Urtker.   Simply substituting the UR for the OE makes it easy to say'.

    Simplicity of the product (Choco Moulding Kit)
    These were actually really easy to make. The box contained EVERYTHING needed to make the chocolate shapes.
    • The mould
    • Bag of chocolate buttons
    • Tube of icing
    I made this in peace and quiet when Alesha went to bed. I poured half the bag of chocolate buttons into a bowl and stuck them in the microwave for 20 seconds and then gave them a good stir and scooped the melted chocolate into the mould shapes. Once the five shapes were covered I placed the mould in the fridge for half an hour and then took them out and squirted icing on them and back into the fridge to be eaten the next day by me, Andrew and Alesha.
    Ready to go into the fridge to set

    The reason why I only poured half the bag of buttons was, half the bag was for 5 shapes which the mould only had five shapes, it stated on the box to repeat it once the first lot were done.

    There was plenty enough buttons for 10 shapes and also more than enough icing to do them all. We enjoyed them the following day after our dinner and happy to say thumbs up from the three of us.

    Availability (Choco Moulding Kit)
    These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores. 

    Tesco stock this product for £1.99.
    Don't they look yummy


    • Not too expensive
    • A lovely Easter edition
    • More than enough ingredients
    • Wasn't enough moulding shapes, only contained five, had to repeat the process, would of preferred to do them all at once

    Simplicity of the product (Bunny Cookie Kit)
    Andrew baked these with my darling niece Paige, they both had fun mixing and decorating.
    The box contained everything needed to make the 6 bunny cookies,
    • Cookie mix
    • Tube of pink icing
    • Bunny cookie cutter
    They turned out just like they looked on the box, and also tasted delicious!
    On the box it stated the mix would make 6 cookie bunny's, but guess what? Paige and Andrew made 7 'woohoo'!

    Availability (Bunny Cookie Kit)
    These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores. 

    • Got 7 cookies out of the mix and it said 6 on the box
    • Easy instructions and also easy to make
    • Never found any negative's

    Simplicity of the product (Cupcake Kit)
    Andrew made these with a little help from Alesha. It was a lovely watching to too of them baking, daddy and daughter time!

    Considering we don't have a bun tray to place the cake cases in, our baking tray came to the rescue!
    The box contained,

    • Cupcake mix
    • 12 Cake cases
    • Tube of yellow icing
    • Pastel flower sprinkles
    These tasted lovely and were not only enjoyed by us but also my 2 nephews (Paige's brother's).
    The kit contained enough to make the 12 cupcakes.

    Availability (Cupcake Kit)
    These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores.

    • Right amount of mix and icing for 12 cupcakes
    • Very tasty
    • Never found any negative's

    For more information and other products please visit, 
    Don't forget you can also find them on Facebook

    Glorious Sunshine

    'Mr Sunshine' decided to come out for another day 'woohoo'.

    Not that we done much, there was no beach visits, the only visits were to the small local park and the shop for bread, so exciting!

    There is only one small park nearby, with contains 2 infant swings, a big and small slide, roundabout and a climbing frame and not forgetting the dog poo, yes in a children's play park!
    The park was slightly busy so we didn't stay long, back home to have a run about and play with toys in the garden whilst mummy got the washing on the lines.

    My little princess is still not back to her normal self but at least she is eating and upto running about having fun.

    Enjoying the sunshine with daddy
    Time to come in
    Here is some snaps I took today :)

    Relaxing with mummy watching TV

    Wednesday, 20 April 2011

    Review: Simply Hibi, Hibiscus Drink

    I have never heard of this juice before, so I agreed to review it and was then looking forward to trying it!

    Useful info about Simiply Hibi
    'Simply Hibi are currently working with around 2000 Ugandan farmers each farming on average a total of just three acres. Growing for Simply Hibi provides farmers with an opportunity to generate a dependable and much needed cash income which is otherwise difficult to secure'.

    'In addition to the opportunity to generate a cash income, we also provide our farmers with training on organic training methods and practices'.

    'Simply Hibi is produced using a variety of hibiscus known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This is less well known in Europe than the plant most of us would use associate with the name hibiscus, the attractive flower known as Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis or Chinese Hibiscus. Both plants are widely grown in tropical and sub tropical areas of the world, but whereas Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis is primarily an ornamental plant,  Hibiscus Sabdariffa has traditionally been used in the preparation of foods, drinks and remedies'.

    Simplicity of the product (Hibiscus Drink)
    The appearance of the carton that the drink comes in is lovely, it stands out with it's light and adrk purple and a funky white flower design.
    The carton is made from wood, a natural, renewable resource.

    This drink is made from 85% Hibiscus infusion (Hibiscus and water) and 15% natural fruit sugars. 'SIMPLY NOTHING ELSE'!

    I found this drink over powering in taste, wasn't able to relax and drink away, I would only take little sips, just more than enough to wet my lips.
    Andrew on the other-hand quite enjoyed it and said, "it taste's and smells a little like Vimto".

    'Simply Hibi is packed with natural antioxidants from the hibiscus flower giving its deep red colour'.

    'Simply Delicious, Simply Natural, Simply Good For You'!

    Availability (Hibiscus Drink)
    Not many places stock Simply Hibi, but there are a few selected stores you can find it, Sainbury's, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.
    This drink also comes in 100ml bottles.


    • Reasonably priced for a healthy drink
    • It's made from a flower
    • Too strong for my tastebuds

    Please visit for more information.

    Tuesday, 19 April 2011

    Sick Toddler

    Felt so strange writing 'toddler' in the title, as I still call her a baby, she will always be my little baby even when she is 30 years old.

    Our little princess Alesha hasn't been too good since we went swimming on Friday. She doesn't normally pick up bugs easily, nor has she vomited for a long time, the last time she vomited she was only a few weeks old and she is now a 'toddler' at 16 months! I dread when the time comes (fingers crossed not soon) to her vomiting, I will panic more than her haha.

    Saturday morning we noticed she had a runny nose, then yesterday morning when she woke, her right eye was blood shot and wasn't open as wide as her right eye. Then after breakfast green 'gunk' was coming out of her right eye, then more More and even MORE throughout the day.
    Alesha then became a total nightmare when it was time to sleep. She would normally be in bed 6pm at the latest and there was no faffing about. After her night-time bottle she will have her vitamins, brush her teeth and then she gets a big kiss from mummy and daddy and we lie her down and close the door. That's her normally for the night.

    Now she kicks ans screams, chucks her teddies out of the coat and keeps going and going until we go in to take her out. Alesha has never slept in our bed as we don't want her getting in the habit but lastnight we gave in and tried to get her to sleep in our bed but she wasn't having any of it. Finally at 8.45pm she gave in and went to sleep in her cot. Me and Andrew could finally have a wash and relax with a cuppa, bliss!

    I rang the doctors this morning to get an appointment to take her in, I don't like our doctor because I think he has forgotten how to smile so I asked to see another, whom was lovely!

    He fully checked Alesha over, listening to her chest, checking her temperature, checking her eyes and feeling her stomach.She was then prescribed Amoxicillin and Lactulose as she also suffered with constipation.

    I hope these help her soon, it's not nice watching our bundle of joy in pain and we can't do much to help as parents only assure them that there going to get better.

    Andrew has just laid her down now to sleep so fingers crossed she settles!

    Saturday, 16 April 2011

    Family Time Swimming

    Yesterday I was trying to think of something for us to do as a family, we don't live in a big city, the closest big city to us is Glasgow and that's an hour away.

    I've lost count how many times we've taken Alesha to the indoor softplay and the local park, so we just wanted a change.
    Were grateful enough to live 20 minutes from Scotland's largest theme park but considering Alesha is only 16 months there isn't much she can do plus we have been there a few times, but it's a place where you need abit of money as we normally have our dinner in the restaurant and daddy and mummy like to have fun aswel. "Make a day of it, if not why not"!

    Then I thought, 'swimming'! We haven't been swimming since we came back from our holiday on 1st April, so it's not as if Alesha sees too much of the place and has got bored of it, so swimming it was!

    Alesha is a water baby, unlike me who panic's if someone splashes me and I get water in my eye. I have never been one for swimming, I remember swimming lessons and I would say I've forgotten my costume just to get out of not doing it. My mother has tried on numerous occasions to teach me how to swim, but there is no way I'm taking both legs up off the ground, not for anyone!

    Alesha was so excited in the changing room when we were saying, "you going swimming and for a splash". It was wonderful watching her get so happy trying to get out the door to do her splashes.
    We were in the pool for 1 hour and 30 minutes, it really didn't feel that long because Alesha wasn't moaning because she enjoyed being in water splashing and going on the slides.
    Think we need to invest in a pair of armbands before we go back because she has a swimming seat but she isn't so keen with it as she likes to be and trying to swim.

    Now it's time for my rant! There was a boy about 5 coming over to Alesha and splashing her right in the face and laughing, whilst his blooming dad was just stood there looking!! DUH my daughter is only 16 months and can barley hold herself up, let alone splash your bloody soon back!

    Anyways, put aside that, we had a lovely day and Alesha went straight to sleep as soon as we got home.
    We took some photograph's in the changing room as weren't allowed to take any near pool side.

    Friday, 15 April 2011

    Review: Colman's Season and Shake

    I was contacted and asked if I would like to review the Colman's Season and Shake and of course I said yes! Being a mother that cooks with many other sauce mixes from the Colman's range, with my favourite having to be the, Tuna Pasta Bake, 'yum yum for my tum tum'.

    Useful info about Colman's Norwich
    'The world famous brand was founded in Norwich over 180 years ago, making it the oldest name in Unilever's portfolio'.
    Colman's doesn't just do sauce mixes, you can also find the Colman's logo on their mint jelly and mustard.
    Norwich Chronicle was the first place Jeremiah Colman advertised his mustard way back in 1814.

    Would you like to know some useful facts about Colman's?

    • Jeremiah Colman's original site at Stoke Mill still stands today, and is now a restaurant with a display of Colman's memorabilia.
    • In 1973 Colmans' celebrated 150 years of business, commemorating the occasion with the opening of the Mustard Shop in Norwich. This was recently handed over to Norwich Heritage Economic and Regeneration Trust for them to run as a tourist attraction.   
    Simplicity of the product (Season and Shake)
    The packet was very well presented, it has 2 pictures on the front, firstly of the food in the bag before it went into the oven and then a picture underneath of when it came out of the oven.
    Both of the pictures attracted my attention, the food looks delicious, I couldn't wait to go shopping and get the bits I needed! 

    I was cooking the 'Mediterranean Chicken' one, it said for the shopping list you needed,

    1. 600g skinless chicken breast (approx 4 breasts) cut into large chunks
    2. 150g (2) tomatoes quartered
    3. 150g (1) courgette thickly sliced
    4. 150g (1) red pepper cut into chunks
    None of us are keen on courgette so instead we added half an onion and also a green pepper.
    It was very easy to prepare and also showed you on the back of the packet how to do it. I just placed everything into a bag, tied it and gave it a good shake and placed it on a tray and popped it into the oven which was set at 190C.
    The smell coming from the kitchen whilst it was cooking was mouth watering!
    I left it in the oven for 45 minutes which was well enough. 
    Finally me, Andrew and Alesha were able to use our tastebuds and test the meal. After Alesha had one forkful she was going "mmm more" and that's how me and Andrew felt aswel, we couldn't get enough, it was lovely and we will be buying them in the future!

    Availability (Season and Shake)
    These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores. For as little as £1.49 you can buy one packet from Tesco's.



    For more information please visit Colman's and Unilever.

    Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    Back To Studying

    Growing up I had my mind set on achieving employment in either the travel or health care industry.

    After finishing my GCSE'S in 2005 I decided to look for employment, 'as I wanted a break from studying'!
    It didn't take me very long to find a job, one week after finishing school I was employed by Primark as a 'Sales Assistant'.
     I stayed there for a few months but then started looking for another job because my hours were getting cut and I felt that I was unfairly treated, as Primark took on many foreigner's, I started to get the worst jobs and it was an utter joke because three quarters of the staff couldn't speak a word of English, which made my job very hard to do!

    I was employed by Argos in November 2005, it was only a Christmas temporary job but it could lead to permanent, so I thought it was worth a try, "maybe I could be one of the lucky ones and get given a permanent job offer".
    Unfortunately, I wasn't offered a permanent job, only one person was, I was totally 'gutted'!

    Summer 2006 came along and I started a course in college, 'NQ Music Business and Performance'.
    Looking back it was a stupid decision, I thought I was a good singer and song writer and hoped studying this course would help me with 'stardom'. I was wrong, I was very far from a chance of 'stardom'!

    Half way though the course my mother moved up to Scotland and guess what I done a few weeks after? I followed! Should of staying to finish the course, would of being qualifications to have for future reference but nope, "Silly Gilly" quit and moved Scotland.

    It was the beginning of 2007 and I now lived in Scotland and started working as a 'Kitchen Porter' for Celtic Football Club. I really enjoyed working there, some lovely people and I also got to see some famous football players!
    I stayed there until summer 2008 when I left to go college to study, 'NQ Retail Travel'. I was thinking of becoming an air hostess or a holiday rep until I became pregnant just at the end of my course March 2009.

    After having my daughter Alesha in December 2009 I thought long and hard about perusing a career in travel liked I had dreamed of but then thought no way. I didn't want to be away from Alesha for quiet sometime in a different country.
    Andrew's art work but my make-up

    Alesha is now 16 months and I have enjoyed being a 'Stay at Home Mum' but my time has come to make something out of my life!
    I have applied to a college, my first choice of course was, 'Access to Nursing' and my 2nd choice of course was, 'HNC Health Care'. Now I just cross my fingers and hope I get a place for one of the courses to pursue my dream in nursing!