Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Back To Studying

Growing up I had my mind set on achieving employment in either the travel or health care industry.

After finishing my GCSE'S in 2005 I decided to look for employment, 'as I wanted a break from studying'!
It didn't take me very long to find a job, one week after finishing school I was employed by Primark as a 'Sales Assistant'.
 I stayed there for a few months but then started looking for another job because my hours were getting cut and I felt that I was unfairly treated, as Primark took on many foreigner's, I started to get the worst jobs and it was an utter joke because three quarters of the staff couldn't speak a word of English, which made my job very hard to do!

I was employed by Argos in November 2005, it was only a Christmas temporary job but it could lead to permanent, so I thought it was worth a try, "maybe I could be one of the lucky ones and get given a permanent job offer".
Unfortunately, I wasn't offered a permanent job, only one person was, I was totally 'gutted'!

Summer 2006 came along and I started a course in college, 'NQ Music Business and Performance'.
Looking back it was a stupid decision, I thought I was a good singer and song writer and hoped studying this course would help me with 'stardom'. I was wrong, I was very far from a chance of 'stardom'!

Half way though the course my mother moved up to Scotland and guess what I done a few weeks after? I followed! Should of staying to finish the course, would of being qualifications to have for future reference but nope, "Silly Gilly" quit and moved Scotland.

It was the beginning of 2007 and I now lived in Scotland and started working as a 'Kitchen Porter' for Celtic Football Club. I really enjoyed working there, some lovely people and I also got to see some famous football players!
I stayed there until summer 2008 when I left to go college to study, 'NQ Retail Travel'. I was thinking of becoming an air hostess or a holiday rep until I became pregnant just at the end of my course March 2009.

After having my daughter Alesha in December 2009 I thought long and hard about perusing a career in travel liked I had dreamed of but then thought no way. I didn't want to be away from Alesha for quiet sometime in a different country.
Andrew's art work but my make-up

Alesha is now 16 months and I have enjoyed being a 'Stay at Home Mum' but my time has come to make something out of my life!
I have applied to a college, my first choice of course was, 'Access to Nursing' and my 2nd choice of course was, 'HNC Health Care'. Now I just cross my fingers and hope I get a place for one of the courses to pursue my dream in nursing!


  1. The best of luck to you! i'm sure you'll do very well at whichever course you do.

  2. The thing with studying as an adult is that you have a bit more maturity to deal with the pressure. I'm doing my degree at the moment with the Open University (I'm 39 this year).

  3. Thanks for the good luck wishes :)

    Yeah hun the older you are the more tighter your head is screwed on haha.

    Good luck with your degree x

  4. It's good to have something for yourself whether it's work or study. It defines you as something more than a wife and a mother, both of which are great but you sometimes just need something else to fulfil you. Good luck with your application x

  5. Ooh good luck with your studies, hope it goes well. And LOVE the bump art!