Saturday, 9 April 2011

Car Booty

Guess what?? I done my first ever car boot this morning and it went good!
I had stuff in my house that I no longer needed or Andrew no longer used and instead of throwing everything away we decided to ask my mother and her partner if they fancied doing a car boot (as we don't drive boohoo).

It wasn't an early morning like I predicted, I thought I would have to be up at 5am but no we didn't have to be there till 8am so that was good, gave me more time to dribble on my pillow and to tap Andy and say "shh stop snoring"!

Andrew arrived about 9.45am with our little princess Alesha, her good looks and cheeky smile attracted people and after a few minutes some of them was going away with an item purchased from us, 'woohoo'!

My darling fiancĂ© went away having a nosy at the other stalls with Alesha and came back with a lovely, I love mum picture frame for me from Alesha, bless him he is always buying me little things here and there, I find it so sweet and caring.

We also bought 2 cordless house phones for £4, that was a bargain!
It gave Andrew something to do and fiddle about with when he came home. "Men and gadgets are like children and toys"!

Overall we had a lovely day, the sun was shining which made it more glorious.
Now I am sat here with a red sun burnt face, but I'm not complaining as I'm enjoying the sunshine.

Thinking of doing another at some point, need some pennies for summer :)

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