Thursday, 28 April 2011

Date Set For Our Wedding!!

I'm so excited, I can't stop smiling as I am writing this, me & my lovely husband-to-be has set a date for 'our' wedding....07th July 2012!!!

We made an appointment for yesterday to go see the priest from our local church. He welcomed us and our darling daughter Alesha into his home to discuss a date for our wedding and answer any questions we had.
One of the questions we asked was if confetti was allowed in the church and the church gardens and some places don't allow it, and he replied "Confetti is not a problem, throw as much as ye can, the more the merrier".
That was nice of him, which made us smile as we both were wanting confetti to be thrown.

Alesha was very well behaved whilst sat on my knees at the dining table, she did try to put her feet on the table a few times (out of all places), she has never done that before, cheeky madam.

Were are now in the process of looking at venue's to hold our wedding reception, ideally a hotel so then me & Andrew can book into the bridal suite for the night.
Andrew is wanting to go away on his honeymoon the next day, that's something that I dread because we have never been away from Alesha for more than a few hours.
I'm such a softy, sometimes I wish I would grow a back bone! Everyone should be expecting tears from me on our wedding day, 'buckets at the ready'!

We have chosen our colour scheme, I choose the colour white and asked Andrew to choose another colour to go with it and he picked red. I was pleased with his taste of red&white because I think red is colour of love, so it will have a meaning, if you know what I mean haha!

We have already ordered our flowergirl dresses for Alesha and my niece Paige.

Now let the shopping and excitement commence! 'WOOHOO'

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