Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

I have alot of 'green' photo's and found it very hard to choose which one I was going to use.

Normally I struggle to find a photo for 'The Gallery' so thanks Tara so an easy peasy topic this week!

Whilst flicking through my photo's I came across this one which was took of Alesha last June, she had not long learnt how to sit up unaided, compared to this summer she is running about everywhere and it's hard to get her to sit down haha!

It was took on our lovely 'green' garden deck chair on our freshly 'green' cut grass in our back garden.


  1. LOVE it - some simple and Sooooo cute!

  2. Cute photo, they change so quickly. I have no idea where my lovely little boy has gone I now have a terror...

  3. Ooooh how CUTE! Don't limit yourself to one...I nearly always put loads of photos up, I find it too hard to chose! x

  4. Aww bless, so cute!

  5. Love the chair, want one! Great photo.