Thursday, 21 April 2011

Glorious Sunshine

'Mr Sunshine' decided to come out for another day 'woohoo'.

Not that we done much, there was no beach visits, the only visits were to the small local park and the shop for bread, so exciting!

There is only one small park nearby, with contains 2 infant swings, a big and small slide, roundabout and a climbing frame and not forgetting the dog poo, yes in a children's play park!
The park was slightly busy so we didn't stay long, back home to have a run about and play with toys in the garden whilst mummy got the washing on the lines.

My little princess is still not back to her normal self but at least she is eating and upto running about having fun.

Enjoying the sunshine with daddy
Time to come in
Here is some snaps I took today :)

Relaxing with mummy watching TV

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