Thursday, 28 April 2011

Igniting Passions ...of Interest!

This 'meme' was created by clever Kerry at Multiple Mummy & I was tagged to take part in it by the lovely Helen over at TheCrazyKitchen.

Kerry came up with the idea for this 'meme' when she got invited for a meal out and was quite nervous because there would be people there she didn't know. They were retired school teachers (an ex Head & OFSTED inspector & a lecturer of Sociology) so she was thinking she wouldn't have much of a conversation as she is a 'stay a home mum' and their totally different roles in life.

After all the worrying Kerry was fine, her nerves eased and the conversation was following like there was no tomorrow.

That's when she started thinking about, her interests, what ignites her passion and here we have another 'meme' for everyone to join in and share their interests in life.'s time for my interests 'hmm'. 
I don't really have many besides running about after Alesha, not really an interest of mine but seems like it's an interest of Alesha's to having mummy chasing her all the time haha!

I do have a few interests;

I haven't been now for a while, going to start going back when Alesha is about 4 years old so she can do the children's ski lessons. 
The first place I went to skiing was in Borovets, Bulgaria. I remember being on the plane thinking 'this holiday is going to be rubbish because it will be so cold' but I was wrong! I enjoyed every minute of it, from skiing to falling to rolling. 
After Bulgaria I went to a few ski resorts here in Scotland which were also good. 
Now because I am writing about this it is bringing back memories and I just want to go skiing!!!


I started hand sewing a few weeks ago, I am half way though making a patchworked blanket from Alesha's babygro's and vest's. Then first thing I made was a door draught, which I never measured or anything, just cut, sewed and stuff, that's why it's not something I would pay for haha.
Andrew bought me a sewing machine the other week at a carboot and I was over the moon, couldn't wait to get it going to make loads of things. Unfortunately the real was worn out, there was nothing left of it so we need to get a new real and then I can get on with the sewing when our little princess goes to bed.

I started blogging in February 2011 and ever since I can't get away from this computer. Any spare few minutes I may have, I'm either checking my Facebook page, Twitter or Blogger.
I have met loads of wonderful blogging mums, it's always nice to have a chat and a laugh with them.

I started going bingo with my mother and older sister and loved the excitement of whether I was going to win or not. Andrew and me enjoy going for an evening out to bingo, (we sound like a lovely old couple) we haven't been for a while as I don't like being away from Alesha.
I have started to play online bingo, but I am not a huge gambler it's just once in a while I might stick a tenner on. 
Still haven't won big money, so fingers crossed!

I am going to tag some other bloggers to carry this 'meme' on,


  1. see once you got going there was no stopping you! So it's not just me that cuts up the old vests to make blankets then!
    great post,thanks for joining in

  2. Thanks for the tag and good luck with the sewing. I used to sew and knit quite a bit when i was younger. Even have bags of wool in the cupboard now for all the jumpers i was going to knit the boys!

  3. I was slightly sad cutting them up, so tiny and could picture Alesha in them. At least were making good use out of them :)

    That's one thing I haven't tried yet is knitting, looked much hard than sewing, maybe in the future! Good luck with knitting the jumpers for the boys. Would love to see a pic once there done :) x

  4. Great post! Thank you

    I have never been skiing, I think I would be useless! I really wish I could sew! What fabulous passions you have. x

  5. Oooh I forgot about skiing. Should have added that one. We have friends that want to do it with our families but not sure if it will really happen!