Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Inside my fridge you will find...

I was tagged in Frankie's 'My Shameful Fridge' post, meme!

I had a little giggle to myself this afternoon thinking, how strange I would look if my neighbours saw me standing taking pictures of the contents inside my fridge and then writing about it online.

It's a meme, I haven't gone loopy 'promise', so here goes;                    
     - 50% light creamy colesaw
     - Dairylea light triangle spreads
     - Behind those is Hibi drink which I recently reviewed
      -Multipack of Muller rice
      -Muller corner yoghurt's
      -Hellmann's light mayo
      -Cauliflower & broccoli
      -Chicken stuffed with haggis
      -Believe it or not light butter
      -2 packets of cheese & onion rolls
      -Orange fizzy pop
      - Packet of chicken meat
      -Half block of cheese
      -2 finger cream doughnuts
      -Tropical fizzy pop
-Underneath them is chocolate bars 
-Bag of onions

-Block of cheese
-Morrison value pickled onions
-Asda smart price mixed jam
-Wholegrain mustard
-Asda smart price cheese singles
-Underneath them is a 1st birthday personalised chocolate bar belonging to Alesha
-Little and big carton's of semi skimmed milk
I am going to tag some fellow mummy bloggers I follow to carry this 'meme' on.
Apologies if you have already done this.


    1. That is a one full fridge - chicken stuffed with haggis sounds delicious..

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Normal has more salads and fruit but we have had salads the last 2 days in this warm weather, now I mentioned it I fancy one tomorrow so might need to nip shop.

      I have never tried the chicken stuffed with haggis. Don't like the thought of haggis *yuck* x

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