Tuesday, 5 April 2011

More Me

Thanks to the lovely Nickie for tagging me and other bloggers via British Mummy Bloggers in this really interesting post!

Here goes, some rather useful and stupid information from moi. 

  • Three names I go byGillian, Gill & Silly Gill 
  • Three places I’ve livedLimerick (R/Ireland), Manchester (England), Hamilton (Scotland) I get about don't I? ;)
  • Three places I’ve workedPrimark, Argos & Celtic Football Club
  • Three things I love to watch: One Born Every Minute, Jeremy Kyle Show, Deadliest Catch
  • Three places I have been and loveBorovets (Bulgaria), Blackpool (England) & Dublin (R/Ireland)
  • Three people that email me regularlyMy darling fiance, mother-in-law, school friend
  • Three things I love to eatTuna pasta bake, Cucumber, Winegums
  • Three people I think will respond:  Erm.. I like to think everyone
  • Three things I am looking forward toEnjoying this Magnum my fiance just bought me, my foot massage which im going to get around him to give me and also booking a summer holiday
I am going to tag fellow members of British Mummy Bloggers to continue this :)


  1. Ah, winegums - I am hooked on those. Can't drive or think or carry on a long conversation without chewing on a handful (an ex-smokers habit).

    Thanks for the tag - I was tagged recently and wrote about it here: http://www.manana-mama.com/2011/03/moh-of-lifes-big-questions-answered.html

    A fun game, this one. Lovely to discover your blog recently.

  2. That might be why I have become mad on winegums since I quit smoking when I feel pregnant in March 2009, my silly brain never thought haha! Thanks :) Going to have a nosy at yours now ;) x