Friday, 22 April 2011

Rainy Day/ Outdoor Fun: Pic 'N' Pop

On the 19/12/2010 it was Alesha's 1st Birthday, even though it didn't feel like 12 months had passed by!

She received loads of gorgeous toys and clothes from our thoughtful friends and family, she also received some money so me and Andrew could go pick her out stuff, as many people find it hard to buy for young babies.

One of the toys we seen which we really thought she would love was the, Pic 'N' Pop by Tomy so we handed over the pennies and therefore we successfully purchased ANOTHER toy for Alesha.

Some useful info about Tomy
Tomy toys has been making children and also their parents happy for over 80 years!
Tomy are a well-known company and you can always trust them when buying a new toy to develop and entertain children of all ages, or even when buying a nursery product from their wide range of choice, Tomy will never disappoint.
Alesha with her granddad

Simplicity of the product(Pic 'N' Pop)
We choose this toy because it looked like Alesha would get alot of use from it and it would develop her cognitive, physical, language and social skills. 

Guess what?? The Pic 'N' Pop lived up to what we thought of it, our little princess is only 16 months and she can already count to 4 all by herself, sometimes we might hear the number 5.
Me, Andrew, friends and family, whoever it was that was playing with the toy with Alesha would count, 1,2,3,4,5 once catching the balls or whilst putting them back in to be shooted out again.

Alesha hasn't got bored of this toy 'yet'! 

Now that the sunshine has decided it wants to come out again, we have took the toy out into our large mowed back garden and she has endless fun with it, pressing the handles to shoot the 5 balls out and then she runs around the garden picking them up one by one to put them back in.
Alesha with her daddy

The Pic 'N' Pop is just like a hoover because it has wheels to be pushed and pulled everywhere!

The appearance of this toy is spot on, more than one colour, great for little wondering imaginations.

'One click of the button launches a colourful ball from the chute, then simply roll over the ball with the popper unit and the ball will be magically picked up, ready for the fun to start again'.

Most toys now-days you need batteries for, but not this toy!

Availability (Pic 'N' Pop)
This brilliant toy can be purchased from a wide range of toy shops, large supermarkets, online stores and not forgetting Tomy's online store, where it can be found for £22.99.

  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Develops cognitive, physical, language and social skills
  • Easy to use
  • Parents can join in and play with their child with this toy
  • Slightly high priced

Alesha with her mummy

For more information please visit Tomy's website, they also have a Facebook page which you might like to visit!

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