Thursday, 21 April 2011

Review: Dr.Oetker products

With Easter only been a few days away, I was lucky enough to be sent some Dr.Oetker goodies to review.

Me and Andrew love baking, Alesha tends to enjoy baking more with daddy, 'daddy's little girl'. We also like to bake when my 6 year old niece Paige is over because she is at that age to understand what's going on!

Time to put our baking and tasting skills to good use!

Useful info about Dr.Oetker
Dr.Oetker have been going a successful 100 years and are family run.
Not only would you find Dr.Oetker products on the baking aisle but you would also find them in the yoghurt's, desserts and the frozen aisle's.

'This philosophy of "Quality is the best recipe" has been running through our business since we were founded in 1893 and is a testament to our longevity and success. It is an expression of the superior quality of our products. We are a family business and care about the quality of every product launched that bears our name'.

How to pronounce Dr.Oetker
'Unless, you are a native German, it is very likely that even if you are familiar with one of our products that you may be unsure as to how you actually pronounce Dr. Oetker. Oetker is a common surname in Germany, but in the UK and Ireland it is fair to say there are not many Oetkers listed in the local phone directory. 

It really is quite easy to say  - it is pronounced Dr. Urtker.   Simply substituting the UR for the OE makes it easy to say'.

Simplicity of the product (Choco Moulding Kit)
These were actually really easy to make. The box contained EVERYTHING needed to make the chocolate shapes.
  • The mould
  • Bag of chocolate buttons
  • Tube of icing
I made this in peace and quiet when Alesha went to bed. I poured half the bag of chocolate buttons into a bowl and stuck them in the microwave for 20 seconds and then gave them a good stir and scooped the melted chocolate into the mould shapes. Once the five shapes were covered I placed the mould in the fridge for half an hour and then took them out and squirted icing on them and back into the fridge to be eaten the next day by me, Andrew and Alesha.
Ready to go into the fridge to set

The reason why I only poured half the bag of buttons was, half the bag was for 5 shapes which the mould only had five shapes, it stated on the box to repeat it once the first lot were done.

There was plenty enough buttons for 10 shapes and also more than enough icing to do them all. We enjoyed them the following day after our dinner and happy to say thumbs up from the three of us.

Availability (Choco Moulding Kit)
These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores. 

Tesco stock this product for £1.99.
Don't they look yummy


  • Not too expensive
  • A lovely Easter edition
  • More than enough ingredients
  • Wasn't enough moulding shapes, only contained five, had to repeat the process, would of preferred to do them all at once

Simplicity of the product (Bunny Cookie Kit)
Andrew baked these with my darling niece Paige, they both had fun mixing and decorating.
The box contained everything needed to make the 6 bunny cookies,
  • Cookie mix
  • Tube of pink icing
  • Bunny cookie cutter
They turned out just like they looked on the box, and also tasted delicious!
On the box it stated the mix would make 6 cookie bunny's, but guess what? Paige and Andrew made 7 'woohoo'!

Availability (Bunny Cookie Kit)
These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores. 

  • Got 7 cookies out of the mix and it said 6 on the box
  • Easy instructions and also easy to make
  • Never found any negative's

Simplicity of the product (Cupcake Kit)
Andrew made these with a little help from Alesha. It was a lovely watching to too of them baking, daddy and daughter time!

Considering we don't have a bun tray to place the cake cases in, our baking tray came to the rescue!
The box contained,

  • Cupcake mix
  • 12 Cake cases
  • Tube of yellow icing
  • Pastel flower sprinkles
These tasted lovely and were not only enjoyed by us but also my 2 nephews (Paige's brother's).
The kit contained enough to make the 12 cupcakes.

Availability (Cupcake Kit)
These can be purchased from a wide range of local shops, large supermarkets and even online stores.

  • Right amount of mix and icing for 12 cupcakes
  • Very tasty
  • Never found any negative's

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