Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Review: Honeycomb Puffs

We try to eat breakfast as a family as often as we can.
You would normally find Alesha tucking into, toast, fruit, warm oaty cereal or sometimes croissants.
Me and Andrew on the other-hand eat a wide range of cereals, croissants, toast and fruit for our breakfast.

When I was contacted and asked if me and my family would like to review Honey Monster's new breakfast cereal 'Honeycomb Puffs', there was no hesitation as we enjoy eating breakfast cereals.
Useful info about Honey Monster
Honey Monster cereal was 'born' in 1954 but sugar puff cereal existed since 1930s!
The sugar puff cereal in the 1930s was made from wholegrain, but in 1954 there were smiles all round upon children's faces when Honey Monster came up with a good idea, 'by covering the puffed grains of wheat with a delicious coating of honey'.
It was first produced in Southall factory AKA Honey Monster HQ.

In 1954 they toured England in a sugar puff train. It visited fairs, fetes and carnivals. Children got to have a ride on the train but best of all they got to try the new honey coated cereal!

Simplicity of the product (Honeycomb Puffs)
This is the new limited edition cereal and we couldn't wait to try it!
It was just the ordinary sugar puffs but also included in the bag was honeycombs.

The box was brilliantly designed to the 'honey' theme, it had a black and yellow striped pattern and had a picture of a bumble bee near a bowl of cereal.

Me & Andrew try not to give Alesha much sweet food, so testing this cereal was me & Andrew!
We both enjoyed it, it had the great same taste as the normal sugar puff cereal, the honeycombs were lovely, not very sweet which was a good thing.
The first bowl of cereal I poured for myself I only came across 3 pieces of small honeycomb and Andrew's first bowl he only came across 2. From the rest of the bowls we had we never came across more than 5 honeycombs.
We were both expecting a bit more than that as some of the honeycombs are smaller than the puffs.

Availability (Honeycomb Puffs)
This limited edition cereal can be purchased from a wide range of supermarkets and even online.


  • Box contained good amount of cereal
  • Honeycombs were tasty
  • Not many honeycombs

For more information take a look at their website, they also have Facebook!

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