Saturday, 2 April 2011

Review: Nakd Bars

I love to try and eat as much fruit and veg as possible. Andrew has started to eat more than he used to aswel which is good.
I was happy when I was contacted to review 'Nakd Bars' which contain raw fruit & nut, I jumped at the chance as I knew they were healthy and didn't contain junk. These would be something both me and Andrew could try, so I was looking forward to receiving them and putting our taste buds to the test!
The lovely people at Natural Balance Foods sent us 3 of their raw fruit & nut bars to try.

Useful info about Natural Balance Foods

There a small young British company, whom are devoted to 'increasing world happiness with healthier snacks, humour and helpfulness'.
They make 'delicious, good-for-you munchies, do their best to help others, and try to spread a little joy along the way.

Natural Balance Foods consists of 10 staff members.

Simplicity of the product (Nakd Bars)

When we received them and I saw they contained date, I wasn't too sure if I would like the bars as I wasn't too keen on date. I gave them a try and upon opening them they looked yummy but when I bit into it, I couldn't continue eating the bar as it didn't tickle my taste buds. I had to get rid of the piece in my mouth and I have to say these are not for me!
On the other hand, I gave the other 2 bars to Andrew and his mother, they enjoyed them abit more than me but sadly they did not finish them.
The coco bars did not look appetising once the wrapper was removed.
They looked like a piece of poo which put Andrew and his mother off right away.
Sadly these bars didn't go down a treat in my family.

Availability (Naked Bars)

These fruit & nut bars can be purchased from a wide range of large supermarkets and online stores. Holland & Barrett have them online and in store for 95p a bar.
Natural Balance Foods stock these on their online shop where you can find 7 different flavours;

  1. Berry Delight
  2. Cashew Cookie
  3. Cocoa Delight
  4. Cocoa Mint
  5. Coco Orange
  6. Ginger Bread
  7. Pecan Pie
  • More than one flavour
  • Healthy snack
  • Coco bars didn't look appetising
  • Slightly priced at 95p a bar

You can find Nakd on Facebook & Twitter and also their main site.

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