Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Review: Simply Hibi, Hibiscus Drink

I have never heard of this juice before, so I agreed to review it and was then looking forward to trying it!

Useful info about Simiply Hibi
'Simply Hibi are currently working with around 2000 Ugandan farmers each farming on average a total of just three acres. Growing for Simply Hibi provides farmers with an opportunity to generate a dependable and much needed cash income which is otherwise difficult to secure'.

'In addition to the opportunity to generate a cash income, we also provide our farmers with training on organic training methods and practices'.

'Simply Hibi is produced using a variety of hibiscus known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This is less well known in Europe than the plant most of us would use associate with the name hibiscus, the attractive flower known as Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis or Chinese Hibiscus. Both plants are widely grown in tropical and sub tropical areas of the world, but whereas Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis is primarily an ornamental plant,  Hibiscus Sabdariffa has traditionally been used in the preparation of foods, drinks and remedies'.

Simplicity of the product (Hibiscus Drink)
The appearance of the carton that the drink comes in is lovely, it stands out with it's light and adrk purple and a funky white flower design.
The carton is made from wood, a natural, renewable resource.

This drink is made from 85% Hibiscus infusion (Hibiscus and water) and 15% natural fruit sugars. 'SIMPLY NOTHING ELSE'!

I found this drink over powering in taste, wasn't able to relax and drink away, I would only take little sips, just more than enough to wet my lips.
Andrew on the other-hand quite enjoyed it and said, "it taste's and smells a little like Vimto".

'Simply Hibi is packed with natural antioxidants from the hibiscus flower giving its deep red colour'.

'Simply Delicious, Simply Natural, Simply Good For You'!

Availability (Hibiscus Drink)
Not many places stock Simply Hibi, but there are a few selected stores you can find it, Sainbury's, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett.
This drink also comes in 100ml bottles.


  • Reasonably priced for a healthy drink
  • It's made from a flower
  • Too strong for my tastebuds

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  1. I didn't know you could drink hibiscus?? Love the new look by the way :)