Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sick Toddler

Felt so strange writing 'toddler' in the title, as I still call her a baby, she will always be my little baby even when she is 30 years old.

Our little princess Alesha hasn't been too good since we went swimming on Friday. She doesn't normally pick up bugs easily, nor has she vomited for a long time, the last time she vomited she was only a few weeks old and she is now a 'toddler' at 16 months! I dread when the time comes (fingers crossed not soon) to her vomiting, I will panic more than her haha.

Saturday morning we noticed she had a runny nose, then yesterday morning when she woke, her right eye was blood shot and wasn't open as wide as her right eye. Then after breakfast green 'gunk' was coming out of her right eye, then more More and even MORE throughout the day.
Alesha then became a total nightmare when it was time to sleep. She would normally be in bed 6pm at the latest and there was no faffing about. After her night-time bottle she will have her vitamins, brush her teeth and then she gets a big kiss from mummy and daddy and we lie her down and close the door. That's her normally for the night.

Now she kicks ans screams, chucks her teddies out of the coat and keeps going and going until we go in to take her out. Alesha has never slept in our bed as we don't want her getting in the habit but lastnight we gave in and tried to get her to sleep in our bed but she wasn't having any of it. Finally at 8.45pm she gave in and went to sleep in her cot. Me and Andrew could finally have a wash and relax with a cuppa, bliss!

I rang the doctors this morning to get an appointment to take her in, I don't like our doctor because I think he has forgotten how to smile so I asked to see another, whom was lovely!

He fully checked Alesha over, listening to her chest, checking her temperature, checking her eyes and feeling her stomach.She was then prescribed Amoxicillin and Lactulose as she also suffered with constipation.

I hope these help her soon, it's not nice watching our bundle of joy in pain and we can't do much to help as parents only assure them that there going to get better.

Andrew has just laid her down now to sleep so fingers crossed she settles!


  1. Our kind too, he has been really very poorly for weeks. I hope your little princess is feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks, hope your lil dude is back to himself aswel soon :)

  3. Not that you want to hear it now, but you guys are really lucky Alesha hasn't been sick much! Mine seem to get every bug going. It is so awful when they're ill, I hope she gets some rest and wakes up bright as normal

  4. Charlie has been poorly too this week. Nightmare. Hope she is much better now! xx

  5. Thanks :) Still not too good and the Lactulose not doing anything :(

    Hope Charlie is back to his normal self now :) x