Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Track Of My Years

Jen at TheMadHouse started this blog hop, I think it's such a lovely idea, that's why I am taking part!

My first song for this blog hop is, Nena, 99 red balloons. This song brings back memories of when me and my brother and sisters were small and my mother and step-dad used to take us on holiday. I always remembered me and my sisters up dancing away and singing this song. The song came back on the last day of our holiday, which was lovely.
It's mad because, I never heard that song before until that day and ever since it has stuck in my head and I love it. I often find myself singing it as I hoover or wash the dishes.

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  1. Thank you for joining in, I know all the words for this song. When I was at school one of my best friends was obsessed with it. Isn't it great how songs can evoke such memories

  2. What a great memory! I sing this a lot in German and even had a Wordless Wednesday about it a few weeks back lol.

  3. Yeah this blog hop brought back alot of memories when I was thinking about songs, lovely!

    Seems like the song is a big hit with you aswell PippaD, I can only sing it in English, (well I try to sing) x