Saturday, 7 May 2011

10 Things You Did Not Know About Me!

I was pleased to see that I had been tagged in another 'meme', this time by the lovely Michelle at The Crafty Mammy to write 10 things you didn't know about me for Kreativ Blog Award.

Important rules for this 'meme',

1. Link to 10 other blogs
2. Tell these bloggers about the Kreativ Blogger award
3. Write 10 facts about yourself

Now it's time to put my 'thinking' cap' on and get writing, are you ready?

1. I am the only one from 4 siblings to be born in Manchester, my 2 sisters and 1 brother were all born in Limerick,Ireland.
2. In my teens, I was able to wrap my left leg around my head, not so good at it anymore, can only get it up halfway haha.
3. I quit smoking the minute I found out I was pregnant in March 2009 and still don't smoke to this day.
4. My biggest fear has to be swimming, 'really' scared even tho my mother tried numerous of times when I was younger.
5. I studied 'Music Performance & Technology' in 2006 as I enjoyed song writing and performed for around 80 people.
6. I am getting married to my gorgeous fiance on 07th July 2012.
7. I dislike sweetcorn 'yuck'.
8. I am a left hander.
9. My middle name is Dorothy, so is my mother's middle name, my mother's foster mother's first name is Dorothy.
10. I would love another baby later in life.

Now it's time to tag 10 bloggers whom I would like to carry this 'meme' on,

Apologies you you have already done this!


  1. thanks for the tag. didn't know you were getting married this summer - not long now!

  2. Not getting married till next summer hun, I wish it was this summer lol xx

  3. Thanks for the tag. Currently can't think of ONE thing to write, let alone TEN!!
    I'm a leftie too. Perhaps that could be my starting point :)

  4. YAY another leftie, not many of us out there :P
    Look forward to reading your post x

  5. How can you don't like sweetcorn?

  6. I hate sweetcorn also congrats on your wedding x

  7. Swimming is terrifying, totally agree with you there.

    Congrats on your award (and upcoming wedding) and thanks for passing the award on to me! I was tagged for the Kreativ in April by Mother's Always Right:

    I wouldn't want to bore readers to death by listing any more bio details about myself (very sheltered life, mine). But thanks again for thinking of me, and keep up the great work on your blog :)

  8. Congratulations on the forth coming wedding, I would recreate our wedding every year if we could afford to! I look forwards to hearing about how all your plans are coming together over the next year or so in the lead up to your big day

  9. I am a bit late here! Been going through my fav tweetsvand found I was tagged by you!! Sorry I forgot!
    I am impressed by your list - wrapping your legs like that is some accomplishment lol
    Not long until your wedding day - how exciting xx