Friday, 27 May 2011

Home Early From A Park Resorts Holiday

After looking at Park Resorts website, we decided to book a holiday to Sandylands, Park Resorts for 23rd May 2011.

Me, my mother, Andrew and Alesha were all looking forward to the break away. We made sure to save quite abit of money so we could have loads of fun and spend spend spend!

Me, my mother and Alesha arrived there on Monday 23rd, Andrew was following us out the following day. As soon as we saw the place we both said, "wow it's small" and we weren't wrong, the place was tiny!!

After getting our keys and the leaflets to entertainment, we headed for our caravan. Which was a good 15 minute walk at the back on the park, great exercise for us haha!
We sorted our stuff out and decided to go back out in the bad gales to get some food in and have a nosey about the place. Utterly shocked we were, when we realised everything was in one building, the very small arcade which had about 10 machines and not one single ride for a child, NOTHING!
So we went next door to the small shop and bought the esstinals, bread,milk, butter. There wasn't much of a choice for stuff to get for dinner so we picked up tray off eggs and oven chips to do scrambled eggs and chips.
Next door to the shop was a fish & chip shop & a laundrette, we never stepped foot inside and also a very small pool room it was a small infant pool and another small adult pool, an adult couldn't even have a decent swim in it.
Playing in the caravan

On a ride, in the towncentre
Back to the caravan it was for us and straight on the phone to Andrew for me to have a big moan about this small place that doesn't even have a ride for a child.

Later that evening, we decided to try the bingo that was advertised, we went and guess what?? there was no bingo! What else to you think there was to do?? Nothing!! 

Tuesday morning it said at 10.00am there was a playgroup thing for children under 5 so we turned up and no-one was there, so there was another for 5-8 year olds on at 11.00am and we turned up to that to be told because there is only 2 children he just going to give them crayons and sheet of paper, now come on! I could of giving her them in the caravan!

When Andrew arrived he was in total shock with the size of the place and the lack of stuff to do. He said, "I thought you was over exaggerating on the phone, but you wasn't"!
We took a trip into the local town rather than being stuck in the caravan, Alesha got to go on a ride in an arcade YAYY!!

Scotland got hit very bad with gales and rain so we didn't stay out long, we just nipped into Farmfoods to pick up a few bits and had a look about the town.

Back to the boring Park Resort it was, to have some dinner and to see if there was any bingo like advertised, guess what?? No bingo again because there wasn't enough people to play, so we just had one drink and went back to the caravan and that is when I got very upset thinking, we took our daughter on holiday and there is nothing for her to do, she is having no fun! So we decided to pack our stuff and go home the next day, the place was making me upset just thinking that it was supposed to be a holiday and there was supposed to be stuff happening.
All set and ready to go out in the nasty weather

Here is some more stuff that happened during our very shorty stay,
  • Monday evening, I switched the microwave on and it knocked TV and lights off, so rang someone to come out and he said the microwave was faulty that I would have to wait till the next day to get a different.
  • Tuesday morning the portable TV wouldn't work because it digital switchover happened overnight, which should of been sorted as the staff would of known about the switchover.
  • The Monday night when the TV worked we had a right job trying to suss out the remote, the red standby button was to switch channels, the 0 button turned the volume up and the 1 turned it down. We also only had channel 1,3,4,5, no BBC 2.
  • The morning we were leaving, Andrew nipped into the shop to pick up a few pieces, the total was £10.89 and he only had a £20.00 note so she told him to put back the 2 chocolate bars because she didn't have change.

I would NEVER recommended Sandylands Park Resort to anyone, even the taxi driver we got going back to the train station was saying what a dump the place was.

I have sent an email to the head office and I am currently awaiting a reply. 

Happy in a way to get home early because Alesha got a nasty cold when there and it's all cleared up now 

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  1. Interesting review. It's also good to hear unvarnished opinions. Hopefully it will prompt the property to up their game.