Thursday, 12 May 2011

Me To You Collection

4 teddies & 2 ornaments

I have always loved teddy bears, up to the age of 16 I always slept with a few teddies on my bed (I'm a baby at heart).

When I moved up to Scotland from Manchester in 2007, I left my large bundle of big, small, cute, and ugly teddy bears behind. I must admit, I missed them loads, felt very strange in my bedroom with no teddies (that's not like me). It took me a while to adapt to not having any teddies in my bedroom. Now I can't stand having a teddy in my bed (Andrew is more than enough).

My darling fiancĂ© started buying me 'Me To You' teddies in 2010 and now I love them and have decided to build a collection, but it won't be me buying them it will be Andrew haha!

There is such a wide choice of teddies for every occasion!
I'm really looking forward to welcoming more into my home but 'not' my bedroom.

I love my fiancĂ©, he is ever so sweet and caring, the little gifts he buys me now and again always put a smile on my face!

2 teddies and 1 cup
2 wallet cards

For a good nosey at the beautiful collection, why not visit their website.


  1. Awwww I love your collection of teddies and Andy has you spoilt rotten lol x

  2. me to you bears are lovely :)