Monday, 30 May 2011

Review: Harvest Cheweee Milk Chocolate Chip Cereal Bars

The three of us enjoy cereal and mummy really enjoys eating chocolate, so we said yes to taste and review, Harvest Cheweee milk chocolate chip cereal bars. Time to put our taste buds into action!

Simplicity of the product 
Alesha was first to give an opinion, I opened the cereal bar and handed it to her, she had a nibble and smiled, then slowly finished the bar off whilst walking around singing. Not long after she had finished the cereal bar she said "more please". 

Me and Andrew enjoyed them just as much as Alesha, we were pleased to see that they contained big chocolate chips, 'mmm'.
The texture of these bars were great, they were soft so there wasn't much crunching going on. 

These are ideal as a quick snack if your on the go or your in a rush in the morning and have no time to sit and enjoy a bowl of cereal. A great substitute for those chocolate lovers, like me!
The cereal bars are a high source of fibre and contain vitamins and iron, they have no artifial colours and they are made in a 'nut free' factory. Best of all, they are made with wholegrain wheat and oats!

The cereal bars come in a cardboard box and there are 9 bars in total inside. Each bar is individually wrapped in foil to keep them fresh.

Harvest Cheweee also produce chocolate orange, white chocolate chip and toffee chip cereal bars. 'Think I will have to try them aswel'!

These can be purchased from a wide range or local shops, supermarkets and even online stores.
Asda sell them for £1.58 per box.


  • Great price for 9 cereal bars
  • They contain vitamins and iron
  • More flavours than just milk chocolate chip
  • Tasted great
  • Never found any negative's


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