Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Searching For My Uncle

I have been a busy girl the last few days, my eyes has been glued to GenesReunited and FriendsReunited hoping to find my uncle James S Gallagher.

My mother and her sister and two brother's lost contact with their eldest brother James S Gallagher when he left the convent and moved to London.

My mother's birth parents sent my mother Susan and her 3 brothers Martin, Michael and James to St Joseph's Convent in Kilkenny, Ireland (the youngest child they kept at home).

When James was old enough he left the convent and went to London. My mother and her brother's last seen James in 1983 in Dublin.

James did come over to Ireland in 1997 to search for his siblings. He went to my mother's aunt's house and asked her if she has seen any of the siblings and she said yeah that my mother was in work at the moment, so he asked where does she work that he wanted to see her etc but she replied, "she will be too busy to see you", so he left! My mother was fuming when she found out!

So my mother and her brother Michael found the BnB James stayed in when he was over and the BnB owner said he was with a woman called Jackie Robinson and they either lived in Surrey or Kent.

We have done so many searches and there all coming back failed! I have been building up my family tree on GenesReunited hoping one day he or someone who knows him we get in contact.


  1. I'm glad I came across your post. I'm working with an organization in America (New England region) to learn more about missing persons and how to find them... not because I have anyone to find but because there are so many people who do. Anyway, if you like I can keep you abreast of that information as I get it. -Wendy

  2. Thanks Wendy that would be great. Thanks ever so much. Good luck with your work x

  3. I didn't realise that you could build a tree in GenesReunited.. Been meaning to do one myself but wasn't sure where to put all the info.. Problem sorted now. Have you thought of advertising in local papers for those areas. Someone may remember him or her.. Good luck with your search