Monday, 2 May 2011

Sunshine = Speedboat

Alesha and Andrew, feeding the ducks
Alesha in the lifecoat, ready to go!
Sun was shining in the window which woke me up at 6.30am. There was no more beauty sleep for me as Andrew was snoring and I felt hot and irritated which caused me to toss and turn, kick the quilt off me and then pull it up, I just didn't know what I wanted!

At 7.15am Alesha woke up and Andrew jumped straight out of bed as soon as he heard her on the baby monitor. I decided to have an extra 10 minutes in bed to stretch and fully wake up.
My sister Amy stayed the night, she got up not long after me.

Whilst enjoying a cup of coffee, we were all debating where we should go today in this lovely sunshine, bearing in mind none of us drive, "won't be going to far then"!
Me & Alesha in the lifecoats

Amy jumping in first
We all agreed that our day trip today was to, 'Strathclyde Park'. Andrew got Alesha and himself dressed because me and Amy were 'still' getting ready.
We left the house at 11am and got the bus there which took about 20 minutes. None of us have ever got the bus as we didn't have a clue a bus stopped there. The bus stop was at the other end of the park, were we have never been because it takes over an hour to walk down that end! To our surprise there was a hut that hired out various boats so we went over to enquire about getting on a speed boat. I kept saying. "Alesha won't be allowed on them because she is too young", but guess what??? I was wrong, Alesha was allowed on the speed boat with me, Andrew, her Aunty Amy and the boat driver.
Alesha with Andrew on the boat, Alesha's face is really a picture

Me, Amy & Alesha on the boat

I put Alesha's lifecoat over her and she whinged at first whilst me and Andrew were trying to zip it up, but as soon as she saw us putting on our lifecoat's she was fine.
I was excited but also nervous because I can't swim and have a major fear of water and drownding, but as soon as we got into the boat and sped off, my fear was soon changed to happiness. I loved it and so did everyone else. Alesha enjoyed it that much, when we handed the lifecoats back she was saying "in there", because she wanted to go back on it!
Me & Alesha
Alesha & Andrew

After the great buzz of being on a speedboat, we walked further down which took us about 10 minutes and we came across and ice cream van and a hot food van. So we stopped to buy 3 portions of chips and then sit on the grass to enjoy them. There was a little bit of sand closer to the water, it was like a mini beach, so each of us took turns in bringing Alesha into the water and the sand. She is a 'water baby' so there was no fear of her being scared of walking in it.

When the time came to go home she screamed the place down, wouldn't sit in her buggy, refused a biscuit and her water, so we took turns carrying her and saying nursery rhymes. When she had gotten over leaving the sand and water we put her down to walk which lasted 10 minutes until she became tired so it was into the buggy.

Not only was Alesha tired, the 3 of us were shattered so instead of walking to the bus stop and hanging about we rang a taxi, within 20 minutes we were home sweet home!
Me, Alesha & Amy

Amy & Alesha

This is how the day ended!!


  1. aww that looks like a lovely day. I love being on boats (not that I get much chance) :) Thanks for your comment on my blog today x x

  2. Sounds like a great day out, chips at a sort of beach and ice creams ...Perfect

  3. Wow, sounds like you live in a great area. Wish I had speed boats and beaches within easy reach. Great blog!

  4. I always moaned about this area and not having much to do, now that I found 'Strathclyde Park' I think I will stop moaning a little haha. Thanks for the comments ladies :) x

  5. Hey hunni i'm glad ye all had a great day Alesha looks soooooo cute in her photos xx