Monday, 22 August 2011

Hello Again!!

My blogger has been very quite the last few weeks because me and my little family moved from Hamilton,Scotland to Murton,Durham.

It is lovely here, so much better than where we used to live. Alesha is already enjoying being outdoors more, due to living close to the beach.

We just have 1 more trip back up north to collect the last of our belongings, which my sister Jennifer is minding for us.

Fingers crossed it doesn't take Andy long to get a job, I have already found a Surestart centre to start taking Alesha to. Wasn't to hard to find, considering it's only a small village we live in.

On top of all of this we are thinking of something to do for Andrew's dad's 60th in a few days and organise our wedding which is July 2012. But I shall happily say, "things are coming together nicely".

I have already been looking at the 2 schools in the village, Alesha is only 20months but nothing like planning ahead!
I would love to be able to get her a place in St Joseph's RC Primary School as that was also the same name as the primary school I went to and it's the only catholic one.

I am going to be quite again for a few days but once fully sorted out, "I shall be back"!


  1. I did wonder a couple of days ago where you had gone! Hope the move went well, sounds like a lovely place you are in now.

  2. I wondered what you were doing now, thought you may have given the blogging up. Sounds like all went well for you.. Hope you settle in okay

  3. It occurred to me the other day too that your blog been quiet recently. Glad the move went well, sounds like a lovely place that you've moved to. I'd love to live near a beach, but as I'm in the Midlands I can't get much further away!!

  4. Hope you are settling well in your new home. we moved recently and seem to have endless work to do. looking forwards to reading more of your adventures in your new town x