Sunday, 30 October 2011

Silent Sunday

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Suprise 60th Birthday Party

My father-in-law (to be) came over from Ireland on Tuesday to visit us for a few days.
We decided to throw him a surprise 60th Birthday party because we weren't over in Ireland on the day of his birthday.

As soon as we booked his flight ticket and knew the day, my partner rang his aunt and cousin to ask them to come up to the party, my father-in-law hasn't seem them for a while, so it would be a lovely surprise.

Yesterday morning arrived, so Andy said to his dad, "do you fancy going town for a while as I need to pick up a few bits", and so they did and they also took Alesha with them.
 As soon as they left I cracked on with the buffet, we had bought a ready made sponge cake and some ready made icing, so I just rolled out the icing and laid it onto the cake, trimmed off the excess and then grated some white and milk chocolate over the top and pushed the number 6 and 0 candle into the cake. 
I would of loving to bake him a cake but I just didn't have the time!

I was running about like a headless chicken but kept having to having a few minutes to sit down because I'm still recovering after the operation.

When I had the food done, I quickly went to get dressed and that's when I received a text from Andy saying, 'his cousin and aunt were stuck in traffic, so him and his dad were going to come home because they were getting bored in town, but it would still be a surprise when they walk through the door because he hasn't got a clue'!

I then began to put the 'Happy 60th' banners up when I realised the balloons were nowhere in sight, so I searched everywhere I could think they would be, but no luck. So I rang Andy and he didn't know where they were, so on the sly he nipped into a shop to buy 2 packets whilst his dad waited outside with Alesha!

When they arrived, he got a shocked when he seen the buffet and banners, and so we said, "we decided to throw you a little party"! 

Then Andy got a text from his Aunt saying were just there, Andy said I am just going to check electric meter box but he wasn't, he went out to greet his family. At the same time Alesha was on the couch playing with her grandad and then he heard a voice saying, "well haven't seen you in 2 years" and he got such a fright but to see the biggest smile on his face was lovely!

Then in came his niece and her 2 daughter's, so I got the camera at the ready. 
We all had a lovely day but more importantly my father-in-law (to be) really enjoyed himself.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Trip to SCS!

I have seen SCS advertised alot of TV but I had never been to any of their stores until last week when my friend asked if I fancied a trip because she was intending to buy a corner sofa from there, I had nothing planned for the day so I thought 'why not'!

After having a good wonder through the store, I seen a few corner sofa's that I would of loving to purchase but I didn't have enough pennies!

My friend couldn't decide when it came down to the final 2 corner sofa's, so she asked for my opinion.
Boxer corner group right hand facing:
  • Contemporary waffle effect fabric
  • Wooden frame
  • Fibre filled back and seat cushions providing ultimate comfort
  • Available in graphite/red/black (as pictured) or alternative colours at no extra cost
  • £995

  • Modern fabric sofa
  • Fibre filled seat and back cushions providing ultimate comfort
  • Storage footstool available
  • Chrome or light wood foot option
  • Available in black/beige/red (as pictured) or alternative colours at no extra cost
  • £1199

After thinking for a few minutes, I finally choose the Urban corner sofa because it looked unique, a funky design which I had never seen before.

The staff at SCS were very helpful from the minute we walked into the store.

For more information please visit their website.

Christmas Gift Idea's For Your Pet

It can be very hard to choose a lovely gift for pets aswel as family and friends. But I don't see many shops stocking gift's for pets!

After a good old hunt on Google I came across a brilliant site called, 'Pet-Supermarket', they have a wide range of gift's that would be suitable for any pet for Christmas.

Here are my favourites;
DOG: Jolly dolly festive multi play tug, it will provide hours of festive rope tugging fun over Christmas period and beyond and only costs £3.49.
CAT: Jolly molly festive present balls, a pack of 4 fun festive balls , 2" in diameter and containing premium quality catnip and only costs £2.99.
SMALL PETS: Christmas pudding hamster bed, a soft fabric in a Christmas pudding design. Ideal for hamsters and similar sized pets and only costs £2.50.
For more wonderful Christmas gift idea's then click here to be taken to their website.

Choosing the perfect Christmas tree!

With Christmas only 60days away, shops already selling Christmas stuff, having lovely displays with their Christmas Tree's up, I decided last weekend we would go and buy our Christmas tree and get it out of the way, then we know whatever money we have after we can just spend on presents and gifts!

Andrew's cousin was telling us about Hayes Garden World in Cumbria, he had been there the previous year to purchase his Christmas tree and asked us if we would like him to drive us there, so we agreed because we could make a day of it shopping and go for something to eat!

Hayes Garden World had a wide variety of Christmas trees to choose from. Alesha is only 22 month's so not fully aware of Christmas but she enjoyed looking at the flashing Christmas lights and decorations.

After 35minutes walking about the store we finally came to agreement on a Christmas tree. A '6ft Norway Spruce Feel-Real Artifical Christmas Tree' costing £159.99. 

Alesha was asking loads of questions when we was leaving the store, she was confused to why we were bringing home a tree!

If you would like to have a look at the artificial Christmas trees in Hayes Garden World then click here to be took straight to their website.

Do you like G-Star Jeans??

When these first came out, I wasn't too keen on them, especially when I used to see the youngsters wearing them hanging off their waist, half of the time I felt like shouting "pull them up"!

It wasn't until a few months ago when we went shopping and Andrew seen a pair in the shop window and insisted he was going to go in and buy a pair, I thought 'oh no' at first, but then the following day when he put them on I thought 'o la la'! I soon changed my opinion on them and now he has more than 1 pair of G-Star jeans in his wardrobe.

I came across a website that stocks a wide variety of G-Star jeans, it is called BoxClothing.

I was drawn straight to the, 'G-Star raw mens aero tapered kruce blue denim jeans' and there are even on offer at £74.00! The painted white fold ups really stand out, that's what drawn me to these jeans.

There is a good sale on the website, you can even find a pair of G-Star jeans for as little as £42.50!
So if your on the look out for a pair of G-Star jeans I advise you to take a look at BoxClothing.

My favourite perfumes!

I love perfume, I remember my early teens after school going to town with friends and we would always go into Boots first to spray on some of the perfume testers.

I enjoyed smelling the different fragrances and seeing which best suited me.

My partner never fails to buy me a nice fragrance  perfume each Christmas, so I wonder which one I am going to get this year....

My favourites at this moment in time has to be, Miss Dior Cherie it is priced at £76.50 over on
Another one on my top list has to be, Nina Elixir priced at £51.50 also over on
There is a wide choice of Nina Ricci Perfume on their website, it's definitely worth a look. 

Forget-flowers can be found on Twitter @forget_flowers and also over on Facebook 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Week Yesterday Since Operation

It feels longer than a week since I had the operation to treat my ectopic pregnancy!

The first 3 nights after the operation I dreaded going to bed at night because it ment not being able to roll on my side, I had to sleep on my back because it was really sore if I tried to lie on my side.

Monday (2 days since the operation) I asked Andy to remove my sticky bandages because I knew I would be there for hours trying to do it.
I decided to soak in the bath for a while to try and get the bandages wet, maybe that way they would peel off alot easier! The soak helped a little, but was still sore when Andy was peeling them ouch, I kept letting out little screams and telling him to 'STOP'!
When it came to removing the last one, I dreaded it! I had a very good reason for dreading it, the scar is located at the top of my lady bits, very delicate area, could you picture ripping a bandage off from down there? "OUCH"!!

Thankfully there all off now and I make sure I have a good long soak in the bath everynight to try and dissolve these stitches as quick as possible.
I look at my stomach everyday and I don't see any change. I have my moments when I get pain I break down and cry, I can't always hold myself together.
I lay in bed at night and can't help but think if it was a normal pregnancy just like with Alesha then our baby would be growing inside me but instead I've got no baby and no right tube anymore!

I hate not being able to pick Alesha up and not being able to tickle her and just mess about and have fun, instead I have to keep warning her of mummy's sore tummy.

I still get pain but not as bad, it can come on all of a sudden and last for a few minutes or when I'm moving trying to get comfy I get sharp pains. The weirdest thing has to be the feeling of a baby kicking inside me, I can be just sat there and it jiggles, so I look at my belly to see it move but it's not a baby it's just my body getting back to normal I guess.

The stitches are suppose to dissolve by 21 days, if not I will have to take a trip to see the nurse so she can remove them for me, so fingers crossed they dissolve by themselves.

I am very thankful for my gorgeous daughter Alesha because not long after I started puberty I had numerous problems with my period so I was always in and out of the doctors, and I was shocked one day to be told, "you may never be able to have children".
With Alesha I conceived very quick and was shocked but thankful my pregnancy was ok apart from fainting at 35weeks and having to spend a week in hospital.

2 of the 3 scars

I have just joined a website called, 'Ectopic Pregnancy Trust', so I will spend tonight looking at that.

1 last thing to say, I am very thankful for my amazing fiance, he has been brilliant since day one and I wouldn't have got through this without him, love you!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This morning started with a long lie in, I woke to find Andy had already gone downstairs with Alesha. 'no wonder' I thought as my eye caught the time on the clock 9.50am....opps!

Once resting on the couch downstairs, Andy gave me cup of tea and some toast, whilst our little princess got cosy next to me on the couch and then all of a sudden in the sweetest high pitched voice she started singing, 'twinkle twinkle little star'. She sounded so cute and I was very proud of her to be able to sing the full song at 22 months. Then, that made me think about the video I got of her a few weeks back when she first started to sing it so I thought I should upload it and share my wonderful moment with everyone else.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Christmas Gift Idea's For Him & Her

Gizoo are known for their gadgets and cool gifts for all the family, that's why I checked them out for Christmas gifts!

Here are a few of my favourite gifts for woman which can be found on the gifts for her page.

For those women that enjoy to relax and unwind at night and read a book, whether it's in bed or in a nice warm bath, then this 'Really Thin Book Light' would be an ideal present for them. Priced at just £6.95 is a brilliant idea as a stocking filler present.

This book light is available in 7 different colours, each one costing £6.95.

Next up is on my favourite list is the, 'Warmies Boots'! They also come in more than one colour, you have a choice of blue, pink or red and there priced at £18.95.

Have a guess how you heat these boots up.....microwave!! How cool is that, heating up your boots in a microwave! No matter what colour you choose, there are all scented with lavender and come in sizes 3-7.

Now I will move onto the Gifts for Him page. I found it very hard to choose favourites because I liked quite alot, but I'm not going to bore you all with everything they have so I will pick the 2 products at the top of the page, you can also pop on over to the site and have a good look to see what else they have!

'Wireless Earphones For TV' come priced at £12.95, ideal if you are being disturbed in the same room by the sound coming from the TV, while the man wears these, there is no need to worry about the sound disturbing you anymore.

Next is 'Portable Stereo Speaker', they are priced at just £10.95 and are therefore a brilliant buy!
The easiest way to play your music whilst you're out and about. As seen on BBC2's Something For The Weekend gadget reviews and on Five's Gadget show.
Requites 2 AA batteries and great news, they come included with this product!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, it's always nice to help my reader's choosing and looking for Christmas presents.

Babour Coat Is On My Wishlist!

At first I wasn't too keen on Babour coat's but over the last few month's I have seen more and more women wearing them and it's made me go "aww I want one"!

I was up a little late lastnight having a good browse through the Barbour site. 
My 3 favourite coat's (here's hoping I get one) on the women's section are,

  1. Floral Fuchsia Pink Quilted Jacket (£129.00)
  2. International Sand Waxed Jacket (£229.00)
  3. Tartan Duralinen Moto X International Black Jacket (£199.00)

I live in Durham and there is a few stores near by me, I've got one in Durham City, another in Darlington and one which is a little further away Harrogate. For store details please click here.

'Barbour clothing has been made in the North East of England since 1894. Today the South Shields factory outlet offers the complete range from outdoor traditional country favourites to new fitted shapes and heritage designs. There are some great bargains to be had with superb discounts from 30% to 50% off the recommended retail price.

Adjacent to the Factory Outlet is the Barbour store which offers the latest seasonal collections and showcases a wide range of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from wax to quilts to shirts and knitwear'.

There is a Barbour Factory Shop not too far from me in Jarrow, Tyne and Wear. 

On the look out for a Halloween costume??

If your on the look out for a Halloween costume, whether it's for yourself or even your child, pop on over to SillyJokes as they have plenty to choose from for all the family, all at affordable prices!

Here is my favourite costume's on their site,
You will find this ladies devil costume on their site for £10.20 + P&P. It's a very reasonable price for a ladies costume especially when it consists of, short red dress with full length sleeves, red mesh chest from gold neck collar to plung neckline, tie on belt and gold devil horns on red headband.

Now, let's have a look at my favourite men's costume, without a doubt it has to be the vampire costume! This particular costume cost's £12.77 + P&P. The costume consists of, one piece top- red/black patterned top with attached white sleeves, collar and neck frill, black cape with collar which ties at the back.

In the children's section I came across a girl's Halloween costume which I have never seen before and I love it! Spiderella it's called, a unique one to me and best of all it only costs £9.95 + P&P. This really cool costume consists of, long black dress with lace up detail to chest, fine mesh sleeves and upper layer to skirt with gold spider web detail, foam collar with velcro tie at neck.
Why don't you pop along to SillyJokes Halloween part on their site and have a look at their wide selection of Halloween costumes, I'm sure you will find something you like!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Power Rangers Samurai Out In London!

The five super heroes have been entertaining children for nearly two decades and were celebrating 18 years of TV success in the capital with the launch of smash new TV series Power Rangers Samurai.

London commuters were stunned last week when the Power Rangers hit the city to mark their 18th year and the return of the kids’ favourite TV show on Nickeloden. The five super heroes took to the streets of London to cement their status as cultural icons with a series spanning nearly two decades on our TV screens.

The red, pink, blue, green and yellow stars were spotted around the capital with sightings at the Tower of London, the London Eye, Oxford Circus, the Millennium Bridge, Abbey Road and even on the tube. The Power Rangers were on hand to protect the capital and to celebrate the success of the 18th series, Power Rangers Samurai. The series is now one of Nickelodeon's most successful live action shows.

In 1993 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took the world by storm creating a global phenomenon. The show, following five teenagers who must battle to save the planet, quickly became the most watched children’s television programme in the US and following its debut went on to be sold to over 150 markets worldwide. Ranked as the number one boys brand in the world from 1993 until 1997, the Power Rangers spawned a film, comic books, and a hugely successful merchandise line including videogames and toys. Since its launch in 1994 Power Rangers has become the number one kid’s action toy selling over 24 million action figures world-wide through global toy partner, Bandai.

Currently in its 18th year and with series including Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, and a total of more than 700 episodes, the Power Rangers are back with a new hit show, Power Rangers Samurai made by the original creator Haim Saban and other original show producers. 

Tina McCann, Nickelodeon UK Managing Director says, “The new series of Power Rangers Samurai has been very successful for Nickelodeon and it’s great to be able to re-energise the love for the characters, which we saw back in the early 90’s. We are thrilled to be celebrating the triumphant return of Power Rangers Samurai to the channel by bringing the characters themselves to London.”

Watch Power Rangers Samurai on Nickelodeon & Nicktoons

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top 5 Keyword Searches For My Blog

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I decided to join in on the Listography post that Kate started over n her blog Kate Takes 5.

It's always interesting to know how my readers found my blog, half of the time it's by searching starnge words into Google and up appears my blog!

So here goes, my top 5 keyword searches for my blog;

  1. Nuby (I've wrote a review post on Nuby's baby products)
  2. Bath products logo (Hmm I've blogged about a few bath products and also included pictures/logos of the products)
  3. Bulgaria hand sewing school (Strange one because I have wrote a post about skiing in Bulgaria but not about sewing over there)
  4. Cute smiley faces (It's always nice to have happy faces on occasional posts)
  5. Clothes logo (Guesing it's rom one of the many posts I have blogged about clothes)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Back home after Ectopic pregnancy :(

Friday 14th started like any other day when I got up in the morning, but it soon changed after I went to the loo.
9.15am I went toilet, it took a while to have a poo because I was constipated but once I had done it, it was a different story! Constant pains in my stomach that didn't want to budge, they was more to the bottom right, so Andy gave me 2 paracetamol to take and filled up the hot water bottle for me for try and relax on the couch.

Then I realised I was 4 days late on my period, so Andy suggested he went chemist to pick up a pregnancy test. So I tested and it came back positive and by this time (9.30am) the pain was really bad on the bottom right of my stomach, so I was saying it's strange because it doesn't feel like pregnancy pain because I never got such pain when I was pregnant with Alesha, the only pain I could think of was Appendix but wasn't sure how it would work because I was pregnant.

I decided to stay at home on couch as long as I could taking paracetamol and keeping the hot water bottle against my tummy, but by 4.00pm I couldn't take it anymore, it couldn't just be pregnancy pain! So Andy rang his cousin to ask to drive us to Sunderland hospital.

After A&E done a few blood tests and also a pregnancy test, which revealed I was pregnant and there main concern was I was having a miscarriage or it was an ectopic pregnancy. They gave me plenty of morphine to take the pain away and I was then wheeled over to the Gynaecology unit for further tests.

The doctors there suggested it was an ectopic pregnancy because I wasn't losing any blood for it to be a miscarriage so they did a normal scan and also an internal scan but couldn't see anything so they suggested I waited until the next morning and they would take me across to the 'Early pregnancy department' for more internal scans.

I wasn't allowed to eat or drink because of the chance of having an operation. The next morning and 9.30am I was took over to the 'Early pregnancy department' for internal scans, which revealed the sad news I was was an ectopic pregnancy and I would need to go to theatre as soon as possible.

I sent my partner home when thy moved me from A&E, I told him I would ring him to let him know what was happening. So as soon as I found out the bad news I couldn't help but cry and cry, I just couldn't stop the tears rolling down my face. I only found out the day before that I was pregnant and now they were going to take it away!!

I got my apron and stockings on ready for theatre, the surgeon came and read over what was going to happen and I signed the forms t say I agreed. I was then left sitting on the bed, the time seemed to drag until I was took down to theatre. My partner and daughter, was with me for a while, I told them to go because then I would probably get called, they left and it was very hard to say goodbye, my face was red from crying, I just couldn't control it!

The clock ticked 1.30pm and in came the porter to wheel me down to theatre. A very scary place, room was very big. All I remember is holding a nurse's hand and drifting off. I woke up t hear the surgeon saying "Gillian it was went ok". Took me a while to come around but when I did I could feel the pain in my stomach.

I was took back up to my ward to recover, and was giving very strong painkillers to ease the pain. Not long after my partner and daughter came back, I felt so happy to see the both of them. Our darling daughter didn't understand what was happening, she was trying to get up on the bed with me, but I couldn't let her.
I was unable to walk to the toilet so I was to keep calling the nurses to put a bed panel under my bottom so I could wee in it.

Thankfully they didn't need to remove my ovary only my right tube! After Andy and Alesha went home I had a sleep and something to eat and I was then determined t try and walk to the toilet, so a nurse came in and helped me. After having the nurses help me 3 times, I started walking to it myself, took a while to get there, but I got there in the end!

The surgeon came around to see me this morning, to see if I was managing to get about. She said I cold go home at 3pm, I was over the moon! I have 3 plaster bandages on my stomach, the one just above my vagina is really sore. The surgeon said the stitches would dissolve after a few days, but it wasn't until I got home I realised I forgot to ask him, 'when do I take the plaster bandages off'? So going to ring the hospital in the morning to find out.

My loving Andy has been wonderful, I feel hopeless not being able to do anything, but I suppose the more I rest the quicker I will get better.

So it really is a good idea to always go to hospital to get checked over it something doesn't feel right!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

COMPETITION: Win A FunMats Product

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The FunMats Project is a fun fundraising idea that makes use of children's creativity by turning their drawings into quality products.

The Funmats project take children's artwork and reproduce on any of the seven quality fundraising items,

  • Coasters
  • Message Pad Mats
  • Placemats
  • Kitchen Boards
  • Mousemats
  • Small Framed Prints
  • Art Prints
  • T-Shirts
  • Canvas Bags
'The original FunMats idea was developed to help PTA's raise funds. This is still of paramount importance to us today and very much part of our company ethos. We have helped schools to raise thousands and thousands of pounds over the years and we are proud of the contribution we have made'.

For a chance to win your child's artwork on one of FunMats items please answer the question below;
Q. What item would you choose from FunMats site and why??

Please leave a comment below with your answer and a way to contact you, either email address or Twitter name.

For extra entries you can do one or all of the following, please use separate comments for each entry:

  1. Follow me on Twitter @mum2alesha
  2. Tweet, "I have entered to win a FunMats item of my choice @mum2alesha, enter here #competition
  3. Like 'Little Family Of 3' on Facebook and write on the wall, "I would love to win a FunMats item"
  4. Like 'FunMats' Facebook page and write on their wall, "Little Family Of 3 blog sent me"
Terms and Conditions
  1. Only open to UK residents
  2. Ends 11.59pm 31st October 2011
  3. Winner will be chosen by using
  4. The prize is non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available
  5.                                          ***SPRINKLES SOME LUCKY DUST***
For more information about FunMats please visit there website and Facebook.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Family Day Out: Hall Hill Farm

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We try really hard to do things as a family as often as we can.
Not only did we enjoy dinner all together the other day but we also took a trip to a local farm called 'Hall Hill Farm'.

Alesha adores animals, her favourite animal at the minute has to be a horse, 'just a shame we can't get her one'!

Hall Hill Farm is very reasonable priced, £5.95 per adult and £4.95 for children (3-15). Alesha saved us a few pennies on this occasion because under 3's go FREE! (Don't see that word very often nowdays)

Anyways, we all had a lovely day, Andrew had a rabbit on his lap and Alesha happily stroked the rabbit. She also feed some sheep, lambs and a few other animals.

There is a tractor which tours around the farm, it has a trailer attached to the back of it with seats on, for the customer's, FREE of charge, so we didn't think twice about hopping on!

Situated in the middle of the farm is a play park for the children, and also a small cafe that serves hot and cold food and drink.

Hall Hill Farm is not too far from Durham city, unfortunately it cannot be reached by public transport.