Sunday, 16 October 2011

Back home after Ectopic pregnancy :(

Friday 14th started like any other day when I got up in the morning, but it soon changed after I went to the loo.
9.15am I went toilet, it took a while to have a poo because I was constipated but once I had done it, it was a different story! Constant pains in my stomach that didn't want to budge, they was more to the bottom right, so Andy gave me 2 paracetamol to take and filled up the hot water bottle for me for try and relax on the couch.

Then I realised I was 4 days late on my period, so Andy suggested he went chemist to pick up a pregnancy test. So I tested and it came back positive and by this time (9.30am) the pain was really bad on the bottom right of my stomach, so I was saying it's strange because it doesn't feel like pregnancy pain because I never got such pain when I was pregnant with Alesha, the only pain I could think of was Appendix but wasn't sure how it would work because I was pregnant.

I decided to stay at home on couch as long as I could taking paracetamol and keeping the hot water bottle against my tummy, but by 4.00pm I couldn't take it anymore, it couldn't just be pregnancy pain! So Andy rang his cousin to ask to drive us to Sunderland hospital.

After A&E done a few blood tests and also a pregnancy test, which revealed I was pregnant and there main concern was I was having a miscarriage or it was an ectopic pregnancy. They gave me plenty of morphine to take the pain away and I was then wheeled over to the Gynaecology unit for further tests.

The doctors there suggested it was an ectopic pregnancy because I wasn't losing any blood for it to be a miscarriage so they did a normal scan and also an internal scan but couldn't see anything so they suggested I waited until the next morning and they would take me across to the 'Early pregnancy department' for more internal scans.

I wasn't allowed to eat or drink because of the chance of having an operation. The next morning and 9.30am I was took over to the 'Early pregnancy department' for internal scans, which revealed the sad news I was was an ectopic pregnancy and I would need to go to theatre as soon as possible.

I sent my partner home when thy moved me from A&E, I told him I would ring him to let him know what was happening. So as soon as I found out the bad news I couldn't help but cry and cry, I just couldn't stop the tears rolling down my face. I only found out the day before that I was pregnant and now they were going to take it away!!

I got my apron and stockings on ready for theatre, the surgeon came and read over what was going to happen and I signed the forms t say I agreed. I was then left sitting on the bed, the time seemed to drag until I was took down to theatre. My partner and daughter, was with me for a while, I told them to go because then I would probably get called, they left and it was very hard to say goodbye, my face was red from crying, I just couldn't control it!

The clock ticked 1.30pm and in came the porter to wheel me down to theatre. A very scary place, room was very big. All I remember is holding a nurse's hand and drifting off. I woke up t hear the surgeon saying "Gillian it was went ok". Took me a while to come around but when I did I could feel the pain in my stomach.

I was took back up to my ward to recover, and was giving very strong painkillers to ease the pain. Not long after my partner and daughter came back, I felt so happy to see the both of them. Our darling daughter didn't understand what was happening, she was trying to get up on the bed with me, but I couldn't let her.
I was unable to walk to the toilet so I was to keep calling the nurses to put a bed panel under my bottom so I could wee in it.

Thankfully they didn't need to remove my ovary only my right tube! After Andy and Alesha went home I had a sleep and something to eat and I was then determined t try and walk to the toilet, so a nurse came in and helped me. After having the nurses help me 3 times, I started walking to it myself, took a while to get there, but I got there in the end!

The surgeon came around to see me this morning, to see if I was managing to get about. She said I cold go home at 3pm, I was over the moon! I have 3 plaster bandages on my stomach, the one just above my vagina is really sore. The surgeon said the stitches would dissolve after a few days, but it wasn't until I got home I realised I forgot to ask him, 'when do I take the plaster bandages off'? So going to ring the hospital in the morning to find out.

My loving Andy has been wonderful, I feel hopeless not being able to do anything, but I suppose the more I rest the quicker I will get better.

So it really is a good idea to always go to hospital to get checked over it something doesn't feel right!


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about this, it's a horrid time for you. Make sure you rest plenty and take care of yourself