Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Do you like G-Star Jeans??

When these first came out, I wasn't too keen on them, especially when I used to see the youngsters wearing them hanging off their waist, half of the time I felt like shouting "pull them up"!

It wasn't until a few months ago when we went shopping and Andrew seen a pair in the shop window and insisted he was going to go in and buy a pair, I thought 'oh no' at first, but then the following day when he put them on I thought 'o la la'! I soon changed my opinion on them and now he has more than 1 pair of G-Star jeans in his wardrobe.

I came across a website that stocks a wide variety of G-Star jeans, it is called BoxClothing.

I was drawn straight to the, 'G-Star raw mens aero tapered kruce blue denim jeans' and there are even on offer at £74.00! The painted white fold ups really stand out, that's what drawn me to these jeans.

There is a good sale on the website, you can even find a pair of G-Star jeans for as little as £42.50!
So if your on the look out for a pair of G-Star jeans I advise you to take a look at BoxClothing.

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