Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top 5 Keyword Searches For My Blog

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I decided to join in on the Listography post that Kate started over n her blog Kate Takes 5.

It's always interesting to know how my readers found my blog, half of the time it's by searching starnge words into Google and up appears my blog!

So here goes, my top 5 keyword searches for my blog;

  1. Nuby (I've wrote a review post on Nuby's baby products)
  2. Bath products logo (Hmm I've blogged about a few bath products and also included pictures/logos of the products)
  3. Bulgaria hand sewing school (Strange one because I have wrote a post about skiing in Bulgaria but not about sewing over there)
  4. Cute smiley faces (It's always nice to have happy faces on occasional posts)
  5. Clothes logo (Guesing it's rom one of the many posts I have blogged about clothes)

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