Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Week Yesterday Since Operation

It feels longer than a week since I had the operation to treat my ectopic pregnancy!

The first 3 nights after the operation I dreaded going to bed at night because it ment not being able to roll on my side, I had to sleep on my back because it was really sore if I tried to lie on my side.

Monday (2 days since the operation) I asked Andy to remove my sticky bandages because I knew I would be there for hours trying to do it.
I decided to soak in the bath for a while to try and get the bandages wet, maybe that way they would peel off alot easier! The soak helped a little, but was still sore when Andy was peeling them ouch, I kept letting out little screams and telling him to 'STOP'!
When it came to removing the last one, I dreaded it! I had a very good reason for dreading it, the scar is located at the top of my lady bits, very delicate area, could you picture ripping a bandage off from down there? "OUCH"!!

Thankfully there all off now and I make sure I have a good long soak in the bath everynight to try and dissolve these stitches as quick as possible.
I look at my stomach everyday and I don't see any change. I have my moments when I get pain I break down and cry, I can't always hold myself together.
I lay in bed at night and can't help but think if it was a normal pregnancy just like with Alesha then our baby would be growing inside me but instead I've got no baby and no right tube anymore!

I hate not being able to pick Alesha up and not being able to tickle her and just mess about and have fun, instead I have to keep warning her of mummy's sore tummy.

I still get pain but not as bad, it can come on all of a sudden and last for a few minutes or when I'm moving trying to get comfy I get sharp pains. The weirdest thing has to be the feeling of a baby kicking inside me, I can be just sat there and it jiggles, so I look at my belly to see it move but it's not a baby it's just my body getting back to normal I guess.

The stitches are suppose to dissolve by 21 days, if not I will have to take a trip to see the nurse so she can remove them for me, so fingers crossed they dissolve by themselves.

I am very thankful for my gorgeous daughter Alesha because not long after I started puberty I had numerous problems with my period so I was always in and out of the doctors, and I was shocked one day to be told, "you may never be able to have children".
With Alesha I conceived very quick and was shocked but thankful my pregnancy was ok apart from fainting at 35weeks and having to spend a week in hospital.

2 of the 3 scars

I have just joined a website called, 'Ectopic Pregnancy Trust', so I will spend tonight looking at that.

1 last thing to say, I am very thankful for my amazing fiance, he has been brilliant since day one and I wouldn't have got through this without him, love you!

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