Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Back To Hospital I Went!

I wrote a post on Saturday morning about being a little upset that I wasn't well enough to go with Alesha whilst she saw the arrival of Santa and his reindeer.

By the time they got back I was in agony with pain in the bottom right of my stomach, the same place I had my operation 4 weeks ago.

I rang NHS and they told me to go to the small hospital nearby, so I did and I was then transferred back to Sunderland Royal, the hospital I had the operation.

The first thought they said it might be my appendix but blood test came back negative, so I was then sent for an internal scan.  The scan showed that I had fluid in the bottom right of my stomach!

Throughout Saturday & Sunday I was on morphine and antibiotics. Then, Monday morning the doctor came around to see me and said I had a blood clot in my stomach due to the operation I had a few weeks ago. He then went on to say that I could go home as long as I took antibiotics and painkillers which he prescribed.

I am recovering good at home, still get pains in my stomach, can't walk too far! I have got a follow up appointment in January so back to Sunderland Royal. 

Mr.B has been very supportive throughout it all :D

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