Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cbeebies Birthday Card

With Alesha's 2nd birthday coming up, me and and Mr.B decided to get creative (try) and make a birthday card to send into Cbeebies.

We never sent a card into Cbeebies for her 1st birthday because she wasn't interested in TV as much as she is now.
In our household we tend to have Cbeebies on in the background throughout most of the day, not that she sits and watches it for hours on end, but sometimes when were playing or she is doing something she will stop for couple of seconds to watch it. 

When the Happy Birthday part comes on Cbeebies she get's so excited bless her, so we thought it would be nice to create a card and send it in (fingers crossed the show it)!
It does state on their website that send the card in at least 4 weeks before the child's birthday, we were a little late, we posted it yesterday 22/11 and her birthday is 19/12.

The shameful Dipsy was drawn by me and the writing was done by MR.B.

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