Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Do you have your Christmas decorations up?

This morning I decided to take Alesha out for a little walk to the village town to get some fresh bread rolls for breakfast.
On the way back from the shop we went a long way, (to get her use to walking) and all of a sudden Alesha pointed saying "snowman"! I was very shocked when I looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a house  outrageously done up with their Christmas decorations already!  

I bet many parents doing the school run goes a different way just so they don't have their children asking 21 questions.. when is Santa coming? When are we putting up our tree?....

So my big questions is, do you have your Christmas decorations up? If not, when will you be putting them up?

We will be putting ours up the first week of December, even though Alesha's birthday is the 19th we tend to take down a few  and decorate with birthday decorations for her.

Daddy & Daughter Christmas 2009

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  1. I can't wait to get the tree up but won't do it until December 1st :)