Thursday, 10 November 2011

Holidays to Canada is a travel site aimed at travel in Canada and Alaska, the site covers these travel destinations thoroughly and their tours and travel itinerates are bespoke which means they offer you all the elements of a trip but you pick and choose which ones you want to include so your trip is in a sense tailor made but based around a suggested itinerary. In fact they are very similar to a good high street travel agent as the customer service also appears to be comprehensive.
Here are a few of the highlights you will encounter on

1. is specifically aimed at the British market, the prices are quoted in Pounds and most of the trips include return flights from the U.K. to North America.
2. The choices offers of things to see and places to go in Alaska and Canada can be overwhelming, they present you with a lot of choices but luckily you don't have to be the expert as they are.
3. It is preferable to use a site like when traveling to Canada or Alaska instead of a general travel site as they specialize in these destinations and so their expertise is of a higher level.
4. The site includes many forms of transport: cruises, rail trips (including the famous Rocky Mountaineer), self drive trips, overland travel and even a float plane!
5. Canada and Alaska cover vast areas and so the tours try to let you see as much as possible in the time of your trip without rushing you around too much.
6. There appears to be something for everyone, whatever your interests are. has tours geared towards specific interest groups like wildlife and fauna, hiking, wine tasting and those that would prefer to stay in one place and just relax.

The length of tours ranges from 3 nights or about 16 and as even the short tours include U.K. flights you can even make a quick trip to Canada over the weekend!
I recommend for those who are overwhelmed by the expanse of Canada and Alaska and don't know where to start as there is so much to see and it is spread over such a vast land. You can let do the planning for you to make sure you don't miss out on anything you really want to see.
Also for those who want the transport aspect of travel taken care of for them takes the logistic headache away from you. The tours allow you to swiftly get from one place to the other and see the essential landmarks and attractions.
For those on a budget there are probably cheaper ways to see Canada and Alaska, although you may consider trying the self drive tours. The tours have departure dates which could also be restricting to those wishing to choose their own dates. Also because most tours include U.K. flights the site is not the best for American travelers although European travelers may find it useful. is part of a larger travel group – Semple Travel Ltd. which has been in business for over 30 years so this is a solid company.

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