Friday, 11 November 2011

Moving from 02 PAYG to Business contract

This is a post about 02 business contract deals and moving to one. My friend recently moved to a business contract as her PAYG deal was not good enough for the volume of calls she makes for work. She searched the internet looking at deals and providers and settled with 02. The website she found the best deals on was 02 business tariffs from Cellular Solutions and 02 for Business. Both websites have a massive choice of tarriffs and deals the will suit anybody. is a link to just a few of the tarrifs, my friend choose to go on the Business Single with mobile phone tarriff, and for just £30 a month she got
600 mins
unlimited texts
24 month contract
She also added 1gb the works web bolt-on for £8.33 again fantastic value for money. 

Cellular- Solutions
This site is fantastic for all business needs, mobiles, wifi, home phone and broadband to name a few. At Cellular Solutions, they offer highly competitive business mobile phone deals for companies across the UK including business mobile phones, Smartphones and business mobile solutions. They also do the following.
Car kit istallation
Workspace Recovery
Recovery Assist
Laptop Set-up
Hosted Bisnuess Services
And many more

My friend has had her business contract a while now and is very happy, no complaints. From seeing how easy it was I would suggest, to check these websites out before taking the plunge, might find a better deal and save a few quid at the same time.


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