Wednesday, 30 November 2011

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

It's the 1st of December tomorrow, I'm so excited it's nearly my birthday, Alesha's birthday and then CHRISTMAS!
We put our Christmas tree and decorations up on the 24th November, I was intending to wait until the 1st December like we normally do but Mr.B is like a big kid, he was that excited he kept nagging me to put them up so eventually I gave him and told him "to go up and get the tree and decorations"!

I'm happy we put them up, because I am loving the twinkling lights and the fact I see Santa's face everywhere I look, haha!

Alesha was very eager to put Santa on top of the tree, so I gave her a helping hand.
It was lovely family time before Mr.B went back to work the next day.

I now want the 14th to hurry up because it's my birthday and then the 19th is Alesha's 2nd birthday.

We have done three thirds of our Christmas shopping, in total we have 18 adults and 8 children to buy for "stop having babies" haha!

I love seeing the photos on Facebook and Twitter of everyone's else's Christmas tree, so get uploading.

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