Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Review: MU Cheese

In our household we always have to have a block of cheese in the fridge because each and every one of us really enjoy it, we have it on toast, grated over pasta and so on...

So of course I didn't turn down the opportunity to try the brand new cheese coming soon in Tesco from MU!
The MU cheese range consists of, blocks, grated and also sliced packs!

Many people on a diet tend to not eat much cheese BUT with MU they have dieters in mind because their range includes a mature lighter cheese, so there is no need to be worried about how much cheese you eat!

Don't you just hate once you open a pack of cheese and there is no way of putting it back in the packet without it going hard? Well with MU cheese their packs are resealable, so no dried up hard cheese.

I was given the chance to review the mature cheddar and the mature lighter cheddar blocks of cheese. 
We used the cheese to make sandwiches, grate over pasta and Alesha enjoyed eating cheese sticks!
With some cheese you find it falls apart once you cut it, "which isn't good when Alesha fancy a cheese stick"!
I was worried at first that MU cheese was going to be the same but I was mistaken, this cheese never fell apart easily.
With the light mature cheddar cheese I couldn't taste much of a difference which is a good thing right?

'MU is perfect for cheese loving families and mums who want the pennies to go further but still want the great taste of real cheddar'.

You can find MU in TESCO stores now in a range of packs, with an RRP from just £2.49.

For some more information please visit MU on Facebook.

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