Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Review: SodaStream

We all love a glass of fizzy pop but at the same time we know the cost involved in buying can's and bottles.
So when Sodastream contacted me about testing one of there interesting machines, I was delighted!

SodaStream and Soda-Club are the world’s leading brands for the simple, elegant and appealing preparation of carbonated soft drinks in millions of homes across the world. There drinks makers, flavours, gas cylinders, and bottles are retailed in thousands of stores across markets in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australia.
When my SodaStream arrived I was delighted to see how stylish it looked, a lovely design with a digital display for an accurate and timely amount of bubbles.

After reading the instructions I gave it a try and was amazed at how easy it was to use. 
I simply filled the bottle up with water to the line and then screwed it into the machine and pressed the lever to add some gas. I then unscrwed the bottle and poured a cap full of one of the flavours into the bottle, closed the cap and gave it a good shake with the help of Alesha!
The brilliant thing with the bottle is you can pop the cap on and then put it in the fridge, just like you would do with a normal bottle of fizzy pop, so it doesn't go to waste.
It taste just like a normal glass of fizzy pop but this is much more healthier because it's made with water, "yes water"!

There is a great range of flavours, my favourite at the minute has to be the lemon & lime, Alesha's favourite is pink grapefruit whereas Mr.B's favourite is the cola!
The flavours are reasonably priced at between £3-£4 a bottle, each 500ml bottle makes up to 12 litres.

If your buying a loved one a SodaStream for Christmas then why not also buy them a variety sample 12 pack, which includes 12 trail sized samples of SodaStream's most popular, refreshing flavours including 6 diet and 6 regular samples. Each 42ml sample makes 1 litre of soft drink.
You even get money back if you trade back your used gas cylinders, good ey?

The SodaStream we were sent was the Fizz  Incredibubble! It retails at £119 and I have to say it is worth every penny!

The fun will never stop with this easy to use drinks maker. You can make continuous amounts of carbonated drink with control over your fizz levels. The Fizz Chip will also display the amount of CO2remaining in your cylinder.

SodaStream’s brand new Gift for the Environment range is the perfect gift for smart Mums who want a sleek and stylish design with the benefit of being able to make soft drinks at home. The shimmering design in Fizz (RRP £119.99), Jet (RRP £54.99) and Genesis (RRP £69.99) looks set to light up Christmas, and sits perfectly alongside the new range of natural flavours to make her the envy of all her friends.

I am looking forward to doing our weekly food shop because I will definitely be stocking up on some more flavours because all of the family love them. 

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  1. We had one of those in the 80's! Can't believe they've made a come back.

  2. My MIL was saying aswel she used to have one, I've never heard of them before, that's probably because I was only born in 88 haha. x

  3. Just ordered one, looking forward to try it and enjoy it!