Friday, 4 November 2011

Stitches were removed today

When I was discharged from the hospital (3 weeks tomorrow), I was told that if the stitches didn't dissolve by themsleves by 3 weeks then to make an appointment with the nurse to have them removed.

Yesterday after I got out of the bath, I had a good look at the stitches, they didn't look like they were going to budge anytime soon, so I decided to ring my doctors and make an apointment for today to see the nurse.

My appointment was 2.20pm, the day seemed to drag, maybe because I was very nervous?
I had enough of the poking and prodding, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking, 'what if there is something wrong with the scars and I end up back in hospital'?

But, there was no more time for the 'what ifs', it was 2.20pm and I was in the room talking to the nurse about my scars.
I then got upto on the bed and pulled my trousers and underwear down a little so she could get to the first scar, "ouch" I said as she pulled at it, but it over within a couple of seconds and the stitches were out.
Then it was the scar on the bottom right of my stomach and that came off very easily and was pain free, 'a sigh of relief' as she started on the stitch in my belly button, that hurt a little (felt just like a pinch) but was over in no time!

I thanked the nurse as I was telling her how I thought it would of hurt more!

So I am now a very happy woman, no stitches and I feel alot better within myself.
I still have times where I get upset thinking about the Ectopic pregnancy, I think if only it was a normally pregnancy I would be a few weeks pregnant carrying another baby.

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  1. So pleased it didnt hurt too uch having the stiches out. Don't give up, you can and will have a nother little one if it is meant to be x