Saturday, 12 November 2011

Upset, Grateful and Happy All In One!

"Yes you read that right"! I am upset, grateful and happy all at once, let me tell you why.

The other day we found out that the arrival of Santa and his reindeer was happening in our local outlet shopping centre today. 
So I made sure to keep that date free, "what adult doesn't get excited about taking their child to see Santa"?

Alesha went to bed without a fuss (as per usual), ready for the big day today! BUT, unfortunately I started to get pains in my stomach about 9.30pm, not long before I went to bed.
I managed to sleep after tossing and turning for quite a while but all of a sudden I woke up in pain! I was lying on my right side so I decided to roll over slowly onto my back but the pain was getting worse and I couldn't lie down so I tapped my fiance next to me to tell him, "I'm getting up and going downstairs as my stomach is killing me". 
He decided to come with me downstairs, that's when I realised it was only 2am! "WHAT"?
My fiance got me a drink of water and gave me 2 paracetamol to take, to try and ease the pain.

It took a good hour until the pain eased abit, in the meantime I was telling him to go back to bed or he will be like a zombie when Alesha get's up, but no, he insisted he was staying downstairs with me.

I rang the hospital a few hours later and the nurse I was speaking to said, "if your not bleeding then try not to worry, just keep taking the paracetamol".

When Alesha awoke at 6.30am I told my fiance he did't have to take her to see Santa because he has been up since 2am, but he said "he didn't want Alesha to miss out"!
So he got her ready and off he went with his dad and Alesha. I'm upset out of all the days I get bad pain today. I was really looking forward to seeing her reaction when she sees Santa. 
I am very grateful to have such a loving, caring fiance.

Will add some pictures of the day when they get back!

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  1. I hope your pain eases ( sorry you missed taking your little girl to seesanta but i bet she had a lovely time with her dad :)