Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Is Your Child Scared Of Santa?

I am loving Mr.B's new job because he works two 12 hour day shifts and then two 12 hour nightshift's and then he was 4 WHOLE days off, "plenty of family time"!

Today is his second day off work and considering Mr.B has caught up with his beauty sleep, we decided to go do some Christmas shopping with our little princess, "she isn't that little, she turn's 2 on the 19th scary"!

We took a trip to Sunderland as our town hasn't got that many shop's. 
We spotted the Santa's Grotto so we decided to take her there. Alesha is more aware of Christmas this year, she sings the Christmas songs, she knows what a reindeer,snowman, Santa is and all the rest!

Men and Mr.B like to read her Christmas stories and show her Christmas songs. 
With the decorations and the Christmas tree up in our house, she has got very excited and like's to talk to the singing Santa on our living room window sill.

Back to today, we thought she would of been overwhelmed to sit on Santa's knee but as we edged closer in the queue, she got more and more scared, gripped onto me more and more.
Me and Mr.B was saying "look at this little girl sat on Santa's knee, Santa is giving her a cuddle, would you like a cuddle from Santa"? Her reply was "NO" and clung to me even more!
It was Alesha's turn to go in and see Santa, I placed her next to Santa and she cried to get up. So I sat next to Santa and Alesha sat on my knee.
She was then happy talking to Santa, "she even gave Santa her favourite teddy"!

Ever since we got home, all I keep hearing is "look mummy, Alesha and Santa" (pointing to the picture).

What was your child's experience when they saw Santa for the first time?

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