Tuesday, 20 December 2011

My Birthday Princess Is 2!

I remember being pregnant and on numerous occasions people would say "treasure every minute, as they grow up very quick"! I would just laugh because I heard it way too many times from people. That phrase some became 'o so true' when I gave birth to my bundle of joy (Alesha) on the 19th December 2009. The first year flew by very very quick, and so has the second!

Me & Mr.B are so proud of our darling daughter, she amazes us each and everyday and always brings a smile to our faces when were feeling down.
We couldn't wait to see her face, when she sees her presents and balloons (she is mad for balloons).
Alesha's little tea party was at home because we don't have any friends etc in the area, so there was me, her daddy, one of her grandads and one of her godfather's.
She had such a fun day dancing to her favourite songs, ripping the paper off her presents and best of all opening a birthday card to find money and then chucks the card on the floor!

For Alesha's 1st Birthday me & Mr.B baked her a birthday cake and this year was no different, I had a good old nosy on YouTube and came across a castle cake that didn't look too hard to make!
I was VERY nervous baking it, but the final results brought a smile across my face. A bigger smile was seen on Alesha's face when I brought the cake in and everybody sang 'Happy Birthday'.
The dress she wore was the one me & Mr.B bought for her as bridemaid for our wedding, but we have put it back 2 years so she would be too big for the lovely dress so we decided she could wear it on her birthday and also Christmas Day. 

                           Our little girl looked so grown up, it brought tears to our eyes.

Mummy & Daddy loves you so much Alesha, your our special gift, your the world to us sweetheart!


  1. Lovely :) Happy Birthday to Alesha! xxx

  2. Happy birthday Alesha! They really do grow up too fast. Love her cake!