Saturday, 3 December 2011

Review: Visit Aldi This Christmas!

Christmas is only a few weeks away but don’t worry – Aldi has a selection of indulgent festive food and drink at great value prices for the whole family to enjoy.

When I was contacted by a lovely PR to ask if I wanted to review a few of Aldi's Christmas goodies, I jumped at the chance!
I have been to my local Aldi a few times and I enjoy their food and but more especially I enjoy the everyday essentials department. 
This year I haven't had a chance to taste their Christmas product's firstly because I haven't done my food shopping yet!

I was really excited when my postman knocked the door with my Aldi product's, guess what? "He had 3 Aldi parcels for me"! "Yes three"! 

I was like a little kid at Christmas time, I couldn't wait to see what was in the boxes. 
Mr.B gave me a helping hand opening them (not that I needed it), he was very happy to come across a packet of Scottish Smoked Salmon, his favourite fish!
We also received, Luxury All Over Iced Christmas Cake, 6 Luxury Mince Pies, Chocolate Reindeer, Roasting Potatoes In Goose Fat, Rijoa Reserva and another bottle of Amador Cava Brut.
The day before Alesha received a few of their Christmas Sticker and Activity Books which are on sale from only 99p. 

I think these books are a bargain at 99p, so grab one while stocks last! Alesha had loads of fun, she enjoyed colouring in Santa and his reindeer and also putting the stickers on the pages.
A lovely treat for a little one at Christmas, the books contain activities, games, puzzles, stickers and press-outs.  
Me and Mr.B enjoyed a glass of Cava with our chicken pasta, it wasn't Mr.B's cup of tea because it was too sweet for him but me on the otherhand I poured out another glass!
My tastebuds enjoyed the citrus taste from the Cava and I to me the Cava went with my meal, even though most people say Cava goes best with fish.
Aldi's Amador Cava Brut is priced at £4.49 which I think is a very reasonable price.
Are you looking for a low cost Christmas cake that taste's delicious? Well look no further, Aldi's Luxury All Over Iced Christmas Cake is only £6.99, "isn't that a bargain"?
I was attracted to the holly design on the top of the cake, it wasn't over done with decorations, so therefore it was very appealing.

We have not yet tried the cake as we decided to put it away and enjoy it after our Christmas dinner, but a friend of mine had a piece of the cake last week at her work's Christmas party and she said it was tasty, rich and moist, she also gave a positive comment on the icing on top and the marzipan.

Next up is the Luxury Mince Pies that retail at 99p for a box of 6.
I'm not a fan of mince pies, never have and don't think I ever will, but Mr.B and Alesha had one. There was no way Alesha would put anymore in her mouth after the first bite so hers went straight into the bin!
Mr.B enjoyed them that much that he had another one, he said "the taste of brandy was slightly strong but I liked it".

The chocolate reindeer was eaten by the 3 of us, "how nice are we sharing chocolate"?  
or the size of the reindeer and the taste, it is definitely worth 99p, an ideal stocking filler for the young and old.
It was beautifully wrapped in the shape of a reindeer, Alesha knew right away what animal it was!
These are available in both milk and dark chocolate, grab some while stocks last!

Mr.B as of yet hasn't got round to cooking a meal for him and Alesha with the salmon, he is too busy working but he finishes for Christmas on the 21st so I'm sure he will enjoy the salmon then!
You can find it in Aldi stores for only £1.99.

If you are wanting a Christmas product then you would need to visit an Aldi store a.s.a.p because the products are only available until stocks last! 
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